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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Cordina Ocean: Most of the salt water surrounding the Minnao Isles is affectionately referred to as the Cordina Ocean by locals for the same famous priestess as Cordina’s Peak, and named so for it’s exotic name by settlers. Anyone with adequate skill on navigating the waters often makes money taking trainers out on the deep waters for simple fishing. Rare and interesting Pokemon are known to be drawn to the Isles, and this may be the best way to find migrating Pokemon from distant lands. Please respond in lightpink. This area is intended for Quick adventures.
He forgot he got seasick easily. A fishing trip out on the ocean seemed wonderful at the time, but now all that he could feel was regret and his lunch trying to escape his stomach. The ginger-dyed teen clutched the rails of the fishing ship hard, trying to not throw up overboard. Austin stared at the waves, and it seemed to help him out a bit. Behind him he could hear the snoring of his Spheal. He would've been surprised if it wasn't for the fact that the Spheal must've been use to the waters of the arctics. Wisp sat next to Yuke, the Litwick obviously not that comfortable being in the middle of the ocean. His trainer had him out for moral support and comfort, and it seemed that Austin was fulfilling a similar role for the Litwick. Taking a step back from the rails, Austin sat down between his two Pokemon and started rummaging through his bag.

He had heard of a fishing boat leaving for the ocean waters as soon as he arrived on Minnao. He couldn't remember where he learned how to fish, but he knew that a feeling of enjoyment always came to his mind when the topic was brought up. There was something enjoyable about being able to just throw out a line and wait for something to bite the hook. Most of the time it was just Magikarp, but at other times a Goldeen or Barboach would be at the end of the line. It was a happy memory, at least the small bits and pieces he could remember out of it. Now it just felt like hell. He didn't realize the boat with be some rinky-dink rustbucket of a ship instead of the nice cruiser he was on just hours before. Finding the bottle of stomach meds, he popped open the cap and put the dosage in his mouth. Taking the water bottle from his bag, he gulped down the pills and waited. What would happen first, a tug on his line or his nausea dissipating?

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