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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Koi and Ai followed a few paces behind the Vulpix, partly to keep an eye on her, and partly because she couldn't contain her excitement. That curiosity only increased with each step she took as the three Pokemon approached the wrecked ships lining the coast of the fjord.

A large, broken galleon-styled ship, extremely old, worn, and covered in moss and seaweed, sat perched partially on a sandbar, jagged rocks on each side of it. The back half of the large boat was barely attached, and had slipped into the water over time. The keel of the ship had a large, rotted out hole that seemed to serve as an entryway, with some seaweed hanging loosely across the hole akin to a curtain. The inside appeared to be somewhat dark. Several old, damp wooden boards lay across the beach of the fjord, leading directly from the shore and into the keel.

"AHH! No no no!" An anxious voice echoed outward from within the darkness of the ship. The Pokemon turned their attention to the keel, the voice having caught the three of them off guard. A purple, impish creature with what appeared to be diamonds for eyes and a red jewel on its chest emerged suddenly, brushing the seaweed aside as it took a step out of the ship. "This isn't happening! Where are they!?" The Sableye looked around the area frantically as though it was searching for something. It panicked, and morphed upside-down through the floor beneath it, turning its head desperately in every direction. It morphed back into the floor again, this time appearing on the beak of the ship. It looked toward other ships in the distance, and then scanned the beach in front of it, finally taking notice to the Kecleon siblings and Vulpix.

"Oh, thank goodness... There isn't time to waste! My gem collection - my gems - they're gone! I don't know what to do! Someone must have taken them! Or - or maybe I lost them! I don't know! Please, those are my prized possessions! You have to help me!"
"Oooh!" Violette cooed upon finding an old shipwreck which had sunken into the sea. The little Vulpix was quite curious, tilting her head about at various angles to see more of the wreck. Ai kept a close eye on the fox, sticking near her as she bounced around, while Koi stood a handful of feet away, arms crossed and rubbing his chilled, scaly skin. When the voice began to echo from inside the ship, Violette drew in nearer, with Ai approaching as well to keep her proximity while Koi kept his distance.

When the seaweed was pushed back and the Sableye emerged, the three of them jumped in unison at the surprise. They stood stock still as the Sableye frantically searched around, before being spooked again by it appearing somewhere else. Once it noticed the presence of the group, it ran up to them and began to plead for their help frantically.

"Oh okay, alright, let's be calm," Ai started, putting up her hands in a calming motion, trying, likely in vain, to assuage the desperate imp.

"You're spooky!" the little fox blurted out, seeming not terribly scared or intimidated by the strange, imp-like Pokémon presently freaking out in front of them.

"What's up with this guy," Koi mumbled under his breath, still trying in vain to warm himself.

"We'd be glad to help," Ai continues, side-eyeing her brother, "Let's start from the beginning - when and where did you last have them? Do you think anyone might have taken them?"

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