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MedMana: See previous post.

Jerichi: Josiah chuckles as you query about Helen being able to accompany, the monk waving a hand through the air as if to dismiss the question as silly.

"Of course, of course. We're a modern institution, we have no real qualms about specific Pokemon. Though I doubt that was your worry, rest assured she will be welcomed happily."

With that cleared up, Josiah indicates for you to follow, the monk keeping his pace slow and methodical in order to accommodate both Helen's dawdling speed and your own lack of shoes. The monk manages to take this to an even further level of courtesy, taking great care to nudge any loose pebbles out of the way of your path in order to avoid your feet getting hurt. Finally, you see the temple at the top of a rather small hill, Josiah stopping for a moment to look upon the elegant yet simplistic building, the understated architecture managing to perfectly convey the simple but admirable way of life of those tied to it. The worn marble steps leading to the entrance way of the stone building were dyed a pale blue colour somehow, their sparkling beauty reflecting the hue of the waters surrounding the Isles, much like the shade of the robes Josiah was wearing. Finally, you enter the main foyer to the temple, a large flame burning in a hearth at the center of the room. Josiah gestures for you to wait.

"You may have a look around our main hall here if you wish. I'll leave to fetch you some adequate footwear in the meanwhile."

With that, Josiah vanished into a nearby corridor, his footsteps quickly fading into the distance. As you stood, now alone apart from Helen, the sheer enormity of the room strikes you. The outside view of the temple was deceptive - the place was certainly colossal, much larger than your eye had first assumed. Before you can manage to do any proper exploration of the main hall though, someone comes barreling into you from behind. As you stagger to keep your footing, a frantic looking man spies your Pokemon, instantly bursting into a frenzied plea.

"You ... you have to help. You're a trainer, right? One of the priests ... he's trapped!"

TheKnightsFury: "Well laddie, a little bit of fear does you good. A little bit of fear keeps you from overstepping your boundaries too readily. Stops you getting too close to the flame."

The somber warning hangs in the air between you for a moment before you inquire as to how the pair of you would be getting out onto the water for the fishing lesson. Jackson pauses for a moment, before grinning wide.

"I do have a boat, but that won't be how we're traveling today. No, lad, we'll be traveling in natural style."

Reaching for a Poke Ball on his belt, the fisherman throws the orb into the air, the seams splitting to accommodate a familiar rush of crimson energy. As it strikes the water, the energy becomes to form into a rather distinctive figure - long neck, horned head, and a nobbled shell. A Lapras splashed into the waters of the lake, Jormungand taking quick evasive action to avoid the resulting waves. The specimen before them seemed larger than most Lapras, certainly large enough to accommodate both men out onto the waters. Jackson clearly had this intent, the large man performing a perfect mount, an impressive feat for a man of his age and stature. He indicates for you to clamber aboard before slapping the neck of Lapras gently.

"Come on then Orion. Take us out into the center of the lake and we'll see what we can do today."

As Orion began to move through the waters, Jormungand hanging alongside, Jackson turns to you.

"So laddie, any specific areas you want to train for Jormungand here? I have a few possibilities in mind, but I'd like to hear your own thoughts."

Naruxami: Standing on the edge of Cordina Ocean, the scenic sands stretch out on either side of you, a bulwark against the lapping intensity of the sea. While the waters seemed calm, they could always shift on a dime, morphing from an alluring beauty into a dangerous fiend ready to swallow anyone and anything in its path, Luckily, such morbid thoughts are soon chased from your mind as a cheery, flighty voice carries to you on the slight wind that was gusting across the sands. Turning towards the source of the voice, you see a young woman approaching - she couldn't be much older than yourself, an air of youthful exuberance hanging in the air around her as she strolled towards you. Her tanned skin identified her as someone who frequented the area, a pair of black sunglasses hanging from her neck and a bright pink cap on her head, blonde hair pulled into a ponytail which fitted through the opening at the back of her cap. Her clothing was simple and yet somehow awkwardly quirky, an open Hawaiian print shirt clashing drastically with her pale green denim shorts. As the girl waves at you, your eyes are drawn to a rather pretty bracelet hanging around her wrist, a bright crimson Corphish charm held in place by a thin silver strap.

"You're new around here, right? Couldn't help but notice the fishing rod that your adorable Eevee here is holding. I was just about to head out onto the waters myself. Name is Clarice, by the way. I'm a diver, but I've dabbled with fishing here and there. I can show you the ropes if you like?"

After speaking, she abruptly burns bright crimson, clearly embarrassed at something. Shaking her hands through the air, she dismisses her previous comments.

"Only if you want to, of course. Sorry. I have a habit of just assuming things and running my mouth off at complete strangers. End up talking too much, quizzing them too much. My boss always gives me an earful about i- ... I'm doing it again, aren't I?"

Brave Saix: The man looks at you with a puzzled stare for a moment, his eyes struggling to focus on you, distracted by something hovering overhead. As you turn your own head upwards to see what was drawing his attention, you see a group of Wingull playing with one another, darting through the skies with complete abandon, clearly not caring too much about the large metal platform which had invaded their homes. Before you can remark, the strange man who had hired you breaks out in a wide grin.

"Great to see that some of the wild Pokemon can still go about their normal life despite our infringement. The name is Matthew, by the way. Don't think I mentioned that on my request. Bit of a mistake. And, sadly, no Chinchou on this shirt. Disappointment, I know."

Matthew outstretched a hand intending for you to shake, before eagerly beginning to explain what his main area of interest was in the Minnao Isles. Turns out that the local religion was particularly ancient and had pervaded the island for generations. This meant that there could well be very important archaeological finds relating to the ways in which the religion was practiced in forgotten eras, before religious texts of the Isles documented ceremonies and such. Matthew's eyes sparkled with a distinct vigor when he began talking about his research, in an almost endearing manner. Finally though, you find yourself standing before a rather large group of Drifblim. Each of them were attached to a swinging basket, a gruff man standing to one side. The man eyes you up as you approach, nodding his head in your direction.

"This the trainer then, Matt?"

Matthew looks towards the man with a slight frown on his face, before nodding.

"Yes. Don't use that kind of tone though, Jonas. I'm sure they'll be very helpful. Anyway, if you have any business to attend to before departure, I recommend you do it now. Otherwise we'll be heading straight for the Peak."

PikaGod: Leaving the bothersome rehearsal behind, you step out onto the sands of the Red Beach. Tourists were set up for the day here and there, watching over children and Pokemon alike with cautious eyes but enjoying soaking in the sun all the same. Some trainers were swimming amid the waves with their own Pokemon - some drifting casually, others racing one another in an attempt to better their times. It was quite a sight to behold, this marriage of Pokemon and trainers happily going about their business, and you find yourself sucked into the atmosphere a little as you begin to walk with your Pokemon. This leaves your awareness of your surroundings a little lacking, and without warning you find yourself falling to the sands. As you look up to discover who had just bowled you over, you find yourself staring into the green eyes of a young man. His expression was troubled, clearly irritated by the collision, but he is happy to help you back to your feet all the same.

"Sorry about that. My fault entirely. Anyway ..."

Without so much as another word, the man walks away, clearly looking for something. His own concentration was lacking - other tourists had to sidestep the man here and there to avoid being bowled over in a manner similar to yourself. The man, in fairness, likely could have knocked over anyone on the beach. He was tall - very tall - and well built, having an athlete's body. His skin was tanned brown, indicating that he could well be a local, and his hair was a dark shade of brown. He was wearing a pair of green swimming trunks, and despite his sure manner which pervaded his stride, it was clear that he was somewhat troubled.

Meetan: As you splashed in the waters with Lorin, the little Lotad allowing himself to float on the tops of the waves while kicking with his stubby legs, you find yourself enjoying the simple pleasure of bonding with your Pokemon. The day was a good one, the skies were clear, and while the area was rife with tourists, the large nature of the beach meant nothing felt too cramped, everyone was distributed well. Other trainers frolicked with their Pokemon in the waters, and while you play with Lorin, one of them begins to approach you. A young girl, maybe a little younger than yourself, wearing a bright green bikini and brunette hair tied up in a ponytail gives you a cheeky smile and a small wave, a Poliwhirl swimming alongside her. She seemed friendly and quite bubbly, having the kind of energetic air about her that you would associate with a young child. Her eyes were her most striking feature though - a deep shade of brown, there was a natural inquisitiveness and curiosity hiding deep in there. As she finally comes within earshot, she calls out to you.

"Hey there! Couldn't help but notice how cute you and your Lotad looked. The little fella has quite a strange colour, doesn't he? Only makes him look all the more adorable."

She grins as her Poliwhirl shoots her a sideways glance, the Water type clearly feeling somewhat left out.

"Not as quite as Mario here, though. Anyway - I was considering doing a little exploration in the rockier areas of the coast. Most tourists don't go there, but I have a pretty good handle on them. I was shown the ropes by a native a few months back. Wanna tag along? More the merrier!"
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