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Le Manoir des Mensonges
The natives say it's the 'Manor of Lies'. It's stood on the edge of la Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs for hundreds of years. Legend holds that a wealthy matron once owned it, and lived deep within its many chambers with her beloved twin Liepards. No one can say for sure what happened, but it's rumored that one day, a pair of delinquents took her beloved Pokémon and did something truly cruel, never to returned. The story does not stop there, however, for they say soon after the teenagers fell ill and died; the city -- then just a village -- revolted on the woman, certain she must have cursed the boys in revenge. Burned at the stake, some say she rose from the ashes right there in the town square and returned to her house, which was never sold, for no sensible person would wish to live in such a cursed abode. It sits now, in surprisingly sturdy condition, mostly untouched from all those many years ago. A popular spot for thrill-seekers, dark-type Pokémon seem to have taken to the ambiance and are in no short supply in this cobweb-filled, musty old manor. Some even say the old woman still lives, deep inside the twisting hallways and innumerable rooms... Please reply in Teal.
They called this place the Manor of Lies. A house on the far reaches of town home to a malevolent spirit. Rumors say the old hag still stalked these halls, filled with spite for what was done to her beloved Pokemon. It was a cruel fate, to be burned as a witch. Austin knew that magic wasn't something to be so easily trifled with... Regardless, he seemed drawn to this place. It was as if some lost memory seemed to guide him here, to a place like this.

The halls were dank and the stagnant air seemed to be choking the life from him. Why was he here? It was hard to think what cruel fate would befall him if he was to expire here. Wisp's fire flickered and seemed to dim. Usually the Litwick enjoyed places where the dead walked, where he could truly feast on the souls of the damned. Yet, this place was different. It was as if he didn't dare to eat the tormented souls that fell victim to this place. It was a bit worrying.

Austin held Custer in his arms, the Foongus seeming to watch everything around them with a sense of fear. The teen felt like he needed to bring along the Foongus... That there was something here for the Foongus that other places couldn't offer. The poor mushroom generally stayed cooped up in the bedroom all day, too scared to leave the safety it provided. So perhaps it was just to give the Foongus a fair taste of adventure? Wisp was always with Austin, so he knew that the Litwick could encourage his fellow Unovan Pokemon when he needed to. Yet he was curious... What fate truly befell this abode?

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