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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

Your Pokemon seem thrilled at your choice to investigate the scent they found incredibly enticing. Your Nidorina giddily increased her speed, Sandshrew close behind. The two already seemed to be having a good time, looking forward to what you might all discover together.

Following the scent led you to an isolated area of the garden, surrounded by matching hedges of Pidgeot, scarlet and yellow roses creating its long, feathery crest. Though these roses smelled great, it wasn’t the scent you were on the hunt for. Your Pokemon had gotten quite far ahead from you, but you saw a yellow scaled tail disappear around the corner of a hedge.

You slowly peeked around the corner, not wanting to disturb whatever you might be happening upon. Your attention was drawn to a slightly transparent pink cloud in the center of a group of red and blue dancing roses. The cloud was emanating from a large, orange spotted mushroom, slightly buried in the earth.

“Lia lia LIA!” The grass type Pokemon chanted as they danced back and forth. You spotted your Nidorina and Sandshrew within the circle, somehow they had integrated themselves into this strange ritual. They too chanted, “Nido Nido” and “Sand Sand” being a pretty good accompaniment. All the Pokemon brought hands into the air, shaking them like Pom-Pom style Oricorio. Suddenly, you felt the ground shake slightly. The orange mushroom began to rise from the ground, small chunks of dirt falling off of it. Similarly colored legs freed themselves from the ground, two large pincers reaching upwards. Once the mushroom was completely freed, its blank white eyes looked, seeming unable to focus on anything. That wasn’t the end of it, though, as smaller mushrooms began to sprout up from the ground.

“Pa…..rasect….” The mushroom announced, and the grass types as well as your Pokemon cheered in response. It pointed one of its pincers at the Pokemon in front of it, then gestured down to the smaller mushroom. The Roselia obeyed immediately, and plucked the mushroom out of the ground before beginning to gobble down on it. You saw the change immediately, its black eyes glazed over to white, matching the leading Parasect. Its body doubled over at its waist, then it straightened again, stretching its arms out infront of it and letting out a small groan. By now, the Parasect had gone on to the next Roselia in a circle, commanding it to consume the next mushroom. As good as it still smelled, this didn’t look good, and it was getting close to your Nidorina and Sandshrew’s turn in the circle.
The enthusiasm Glasspine and Tori possessed certainly helped raise Alex's spirits more than they already were, the pair darting off ahead of him as he followed. Shortly, he found himself in a more isolated section of the gardens, which held some impressive topiary hedge sculptures of Pidgeot, with whoever designed them being meticulous in colour choice as red and yellow roses streaked down the back and head, in a demonstration of innovative design in giving the illusion of feathers. The scent still grew, though, and as he recalled this, he turned to another hedge to see a scaly tail zip behind it.

Creeping close so as not to disturb whatever the source was, he peeked around the corner to find a rather serene sight. The pink cloud floated around a group of red and blue flowers Alex recognised as Roselia, which certainly were known for their aromatherapy, as well as a large spotted mushroom sunken in the earth producing the cloud, which set off alarm bells in the trainer's mind. Mushrooms of that size only come from one thing...

As he continued watching the spectacle, he spotted two non-plant pokemon dancing, two very familiar ones, seemingly oblivious to the situation. As far as the pair were concerned, this seemed like some meetup dance and they were enjoying themselves, even as the large mushroom shook and popped up from the ground amid cheers, before a number of smaller mushrooms sprouted, the Parasect still maintaining the cloud.

Pointing one of its hefty pincers at one of the Roselia, then to a mushroom, the blank-eyed bug seemed to be ordering the plants to consume the fungi. Alex watched, concern growing then confirming as the Roselia munched on the mushroom, only for its black eyes to glaze over white like the large bug, flopping over momentarily then rising once more, flowery arms outstretched with a small groan, before the insect pointed to another Roselia, turning around as it did. It was clear to Alex that this Parasect's mushroom was bad news, and with Tori and Glasspine still in the circle, the inset closing in, he knew intervention was necessary, and that the bug would likely turn hostile from the intrusion...unless...

Alex stepped out from behind the hedge quietly, before giving a small wave to the Roselia and his two pokemon before giving a call out.

"Great dancing you've got there, Glass," he cried out to the Sandshrew, "but I think you can do better. Why not show these Roselia how to whirl with a rapid spin before displaying some of your swagger to the interested ones, then really give them some excitement with a double team! Tori, show that Parasect some proper appreciation for that trick by confiding to it something to get his attention, then disable that mushroom's nice smell so you can show it your own toxic concoction! Don't worry about the smaller mushrooms, there's better things in the garden to try like berries, and they won't make you into a zombie!"

Alex hoped that his two pokemon would listen despite the smell, as it was clear this Parasect had ulterior motives behind its lure, given the parasitic nature of the mushroom on the back. He was pretty sure Rapid Spin would dissipate the scent and show the Roselia what sort of fiend they were up against, as it appeared there was trouble in paradise...
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