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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

Patches panted as she chased after her Pokemon who sprinted ahead to see what the commotion was. Upon arrival, it took her a few moments to register that these two adorable cub Pokemon were having a squabble where the Pancham was physically bullying the young Stufful. However, Mio the Pikachu decided to take control of the situation and leapt into the fray to try and play mediator. She quickly ran up to the Pancham, telling it in her own Pokemon language that it was time to Play Nice and stop being so mean to the Stufful.

The Pancham was taken aback, confused by the sudden newcomers, but putting up its best front, it grumpily Leered at Mio. “Cham! Cham!” it retorted in its own language, stepping forward and pushing Mio back with a series of three Arm Thrusts. In his best effort to assist his teammate, Kei the Charmander joined the battle and blew out a Smokescreen, hoping that the lack of visibility would deescalate the situation.

Unfortunately for Kei, his entrance to the skirmish seemed to intimidate the Stufful, who was under the impression that even more Pokemon came to fight it. In an act of self-defense, it Tackled Kei from the side, knocking the Charmander over. The look in its eye showed that Stufful wasn’t going to back down in this fight-over-flight stance and the battle had turned into a three-way battle royal. The Pancham began to Leer at Mio once again before it prepared to use another Arm Thrust while the Stufful Leered at Kei and began to Bide its time.
Patches was completely shocked. She had been running in to scoop the two cubs up into a tight hug and now it looks like everyone is fighting. “Wh-what just happened?? I just don’t understand...” She just stands there watching everything go down while being completely dumbfounded. It is all happening so fast that she just isn’t able to figure out what it is she should be doing in this situation.

Meanwhile, Mio had been shoved back and it's now official that the little Pancham has picked a fight with the wrong Pokemon. Mio has always been very headstrong and is also used to keeping all of Patches other Pokemon in line so this is nothing new to her. She gives the Pancham a fierce look and lets out a Growl. She wastes no time and follows that up with a Thunder Punch to the face and figures that should be enough to show the Pancham that he really needs to Play Nice.

Of course, there is even more drama going down nearby. Kei was tackled to the ground and got covered in dirt and then proceeded to get leered at. He begins to have tears stream down his face because all he was trying to do was help. He stands up and looks at the Stufful while still crying and decides he is going to stand his ground but he will not fight. He remembered how much it pained him to see the Stufful getting bullied so he knows he can’t fight him now. He just hopes that the Stufful will see that he is being sincere about not wanting to fight.

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