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As you approached the rose bushes covered in Scatterbug, their munching noises became audible. They were incredibly invested in their banquet of leaves and violet petals, and barely noticed you and your flapping partner. With a quick look, you estimated there was about twenty of the little bugs. While not an overwhelming number, you knew it wouldn’t be easy to complete the task you decide to take upon yourself.

While you were deep in thought about what to do next, the Scatterbug made their way up the bush, to where a large, fully bloomed rose stretched towards the sky. It was the last rose on the bush, and looked particularly delicious to the ravenous Bug Pokemon. One of the larger Scatterbug inched itself up the stalk of the rose, determined to be the first to taste the delectable petals. Before it could reach the flower, however, it was pulled down quickly by another of its kind. In a flurry of squeaks and what sounded like the Bug type version of a growl, a group of Scatterbug began to quarrel. The young Pokemon did not have many moves at their disposal, so the fight was consisted of weak Tackles and tangling each other up with String Shot.

You directed your Woobat to try to distract the Scatterbug before this squabble got any worse. Remilia flew close to the little bugs, trying to get their attention. She danced back and forth a bit, making herself as interesting as possible to as many of the bugs as she could. The Scatterbug that had yet to join the fight took notice of Remilia immediately. They opened their buck toothed mouths, mesmerized. Remilia flew a bit higher and away from the bush, and luckily, these Scatterbug followed. They were willing, for now, to follow whatever Remilia wanted them to do.

Though you had the attention of the majority of the swarm, there was still the issue of the wriggling pile of four still bickering. One had somehow got its tooth stuck in the back of another, causing the bitten Scatterbug to squeak in pain. You also noticed a small, lone bug making its way back up to the tall rose, taking advantage of those distracted by fighting.


Brave Saix:

The two gemstones settled on the paper you placed. They went along quite nicely with the other offerings placed at the foot of the largest and tallest rock at the shrine. The top of the boulder was surrounded by a shimenawa, a rope with white, zigzagged rice paper attached to it, meant to bring cleansing to the area. As the sun set, the many rocks surrounding the shrine created long shadows, and everything was bathed in an orange hue.

You and Julian continued to walk through the shrine area, the Passimian trailing behind you a bit, tossing his ball-like berry into the air. The black and white Pokemon was immersed again in the game he had created for himself, seeing how high he could get it in the air.

CRACK! The sudden noise of something hard hitting rock startled you. You looked back at your Pokemon, who had a wide-eyed, guilty looking face. His signature berry seemed to be missing. You gave him a disapproving look, but Julian simply shrugged. Hesitantly, you turned to assess the damage your Pokemon’s keepsake had done. You spotted the berry at the foot of a large statue of a Rock-type Pokemon. You looked over the statue’s clawed paws, hoping the hard-shelled berry hadn’t caused too much damage to what was surely a prized statue. It was certainly well made, created out of some kind of red stone that looked a lot like fur. As you examined the backside of the statue, also incredibly realistic, you heard a low growl. A startled yelp came from your Passimian as the statue moved. You found yourself stepping back in surprise as a white maned head turned towards you, baring sharp fangs.

“ルガルガン!” A girls voice called from the distance. The Pokemon’s floppy ears perked up and it turned away from you. It leapt off the rock it was perched on, and bounded its way over to a small girl that was heading towards you. It almost knocked her over as it placed its large front claws on her shoulders. The girl giggled as the excited Rock-type licked her face. As she got closer, you saw that this girl wore the traditional red and white of a shrine maiden. She raised a hand to you in a friendly wave.

“こんばんは, good evening,” she gave a slight bow. “My name is Ishi Madoka, welcome to the Stone Shrine, Trainer. I see you’ve already met Lulu.” She gave the Midnight forme Lycanroc a scratch on the head. “I’m the trial captain here, if you’d like to pass on to the falls, you’ll have to pass my trial as well as the one in Cloud Forest. Were you interested in the trial? You’ll have two options, taking the trial now as night falls, or in the morning when it’s light out.” She smiled, waiting patiently for your answer.



Your Pokemon seem thrilled at your choice to investigate the scent they found incredibly enticing. Your Nidorina giddily increased her speed, Sandshrew close behind. The two already seemed to be having a good time, looking forward to what you might all discover together.

Following the scent led you to an isolated area of the garden, surrounded by matching hedges of Pidgeot, scarlet and yellow roses creating its long, feathery crest. Though these roses smelled great, it wasn’t the scent you were on the hunt for. Your Pokemon had gotten quite far ahead from you, but you saw a yellow scaled tail disappear around the corner of a hedge.

You slowly peeked around the corner, not wanting to disturb whatever you might be happening upon. Your attention was drawn to a slightly transparent pink cloud in the center of a group of red and blue dancing roses. The cloud was emanating from a large, orange spotted mushroom, slightly buried in the earth.

“Lia lia LIA!” The grass type Pokemon chanted as they danced back and forth. You spotted your Nidorina and Sandshrew within the circle, somehow they had integrated themselves into this strange ritual. They too chanted, “Nido Nido” and “Sand Sand” being a pretty good accompaniment. All the Pokemon brought hands into the air, shaking them like Pom-Pom style Oricorio. Suddenly, you felt the ground shake slightly. The orange mushroom began to rise from the ground, small chunks of dirt falling off of it. Similarly colored legs freed themselves from the ground, two large pincers reaching upwards. Once the mushroom was completely freed, its blank white eyes looked, seeming unable to focus on anything. That wasn’t the end of it, though, as smaller mushrooms began to sprout up from the ground.

“Pa…..rasect….” The mushroom announced, and the grass types as well as your Pokemon cheered in response. It pointed one of its pincers at the Pokemon in front of it, then gestured down to the smaller mushroom. The Roselia obeyed immediately, and plucked the mushroom out of the ground before beginning to gobble down on it. You saw the change immediately, its black eyes glazed over to white, matching the leading Parasect. Its body doubled over at its waist, then it straightened again, stretching its arms out infront of it and letting out a small groan. By now, the Parasect had gone on to the next Roselia in a circle, commanding it to consume the next mushroom. As good as it still smelled, this didn’t look good, and it was getting close to your Nidorina and Sandshrew’s turn in the circle.

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