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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Ironthunder: Your first priority upon reaching the lake has been establishing a little picnic for your team. Your Pokemon gather around for food, and you have a quick snack as you prep drawing materials and all. A little time passes, and you've been drawing for most of it, keeping an eye out for your Pokemon. You have a decent piece in your sketchbook. There's a pencil sketch of the scenery around you, plus a few doodles of the flowers Kait, was looking at before on another page. The main attraction before you gives plenty of inspiration. A small bit of grassland makes up the foreground as the earth sinks into the water, which is large and expansive, covering at least a square mile or two. Caeda was completely right in believing there had to be some sort of prey out there. To your right, you can see two mountains stretching into the sky. The land slowly slopes down from their left across and behind the lake, miles away from where you sit. It's a beautiful place to be.

As you've been drawing, your Pokemon have been generally peaceful. Your Skarmory has been by your side for the most part, watching the waters for signs of motion to snatch her own food. Hope has hovered near by as well. But Kait, your curious Petilil, has wandered towards the water's edge once again. Before you can warn her to come back, you hear the sound of rushing water. The surface of the water is suddenly disturbed. Your Petilil quickly moves backwards, spinning about as she tries to shake off something. She shakes vigorously and looks towards you. She's soaking wet! With something certainly afoot with Orta Lake, what do you do?
Liawe was roused from her sketching by a splashing. Quickly standing up, fearing that Kaitlyn had fallen into the lake, she dashed over to see a soggy, dishevelled and generally rather displeased Petilil glaring suspiciously at the lake. "Gods, what happened here?" she exclaimed, rushing over and grabbing the diminutive Grass type. "Did you fall in or something?" Her question was met with a vigorous head-shaking from the Grass type, who gestured angrily at the lake. Liawe's eyes widened. "Did something attack you then?" she asked, as she got the response she feared: A violent nod from her cute acquaintance.

This statement roused the rest her Pokemon, the mere thought of something daring to attack their dear friend and pint-sized companion causing Caeda to flare out her wings with an almighty screech, before taking off and attempting to spot whatever it was that attacked her, readying to attack at even a moment's notice. Caeda took care of her own, and now Kaitlyn was one of her own. Hope reacted slightly differently, the spoopy spectre moving over towards the water and dislodging a pebble into it, attempting to see what reaction that elicited from the hostile, yet tranquil waters. She was a more gentle soul, but couldn't merely stand by while her new, equally adorable friend was assailed by an unknown force. That was her job, not whatever the hell this was'. Kaitlyn meanwhile jumped down from Liawe's arms, shaking herself dry as she prepared to face her unseen nemesis. Oh they would pay for what they did to her. They would pay dearly indeed...
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