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Le Marais Noir

Known as the 'Black Marsh,' Marais Noir is actually a series of wetlands on the north western tip of Fizzytopia, which includes marshes, swamps, and even a thicket of mangroves which stand between Marais Noir and the coastline. A variety of Pokémon call the relatively untamed wilderness home, and a city stands in the heart of it all; a bastion of revelry and sin.

La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs
The City of Jesters and Thieves, as it has come to be known, is a place of celebration and a place of woe. Often alight with festivals, the city is a place where good food, good drink, and fine company can easily be found. Be wary, however: there is no shortage of crime here. Pickpockets and thieves roam the streets looking for easy marks. Gamblers and con artists are eager to take the unsuspecting for all that they have. Perhaps because of the constant excitement and trickery, Psychic Pokémon gather here, feeding on the energy of winners and losers alike. Will you try your luck here, at la Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs? Please reply in Goldenrod.

They say life and live make fools of us all, and that to be fooled twice is only your folly.

Scarcely two weeks had passed ever since the discovery of an object at a tavern frequented by the patrons of Fizzytopia and subsequent short-lived battle with an unusual fire, and some had posters up looking for some stranger wreathed in scarves and goggles, but none would find them, for the owner of said guise had long since shed it.

The journey to Le Marais Noir was uneventful, of course, but then what wetlands ever were? The journey to the City of Jesters and Thieves, known locally as la Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs, less so. However, for those who visited, they would find a magnificent and colourful settlement, full of festivities and entertainment, where the rich and powerful could enjoy fine food, finer wines and the finest ladies of the night money could buy.

Of course, she wasn't here for luxuria or lucrum, as she had no need for either. No, she was in the city strictly on business. The dark-haired woman had chosen to wear a knee length gown over a sturdy leather top, with a pair of trousers sewn with thin chains down their length, much like chainmail to an effect, though nothing clanked, a marriage of formal and casual in one. The gown wasn't even hers: she had permission from another to use it, with no concern if it were lost. Of course, her signature length of grey hair down her back was necessary, as it was a damn necessity for her.

By the woman's side plodded a dapper Mawile, a band around the neck revealing their green eyes, an oddity for most, and yet the intimidating stance surrounding it made well sure that anyone trying to intrude upon his master would find themselves in severe pain and bleeding profusely.

Her business was simple: discern whether the ornate key found within a lockbox had a use, and if so, utilise it. She had her thoughts, and felt that the design of the intricate and seemingly valuable object came from the city. It was just a case of what its purpose was, and so she sought someone who may know of it. However, she was no fool, and knew that a city with such delusions of grandeur had its dark underbelly.
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