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Round 1: Deer Me, a Dragon!

Check it out, here they are!

So they are, our Trainers have arrived. The two appear and look as ready as ever, bringing about their pokemon and sending one each out on the field. Kaija has decided to bring out some friendly-looking fawn. This Deerling stands confidently with the pleasant colors of spring! On Keluvax's side is a choice more on the fiercer side. Say hello to the literally headstrong Pearl, a brave Bagon who looks ready to charge right off a cliff if need be! The two are already staring each other down, it looks like this battle is about to begin...

Oh yeah,*He pulls out a large book seemingly out of nowhere and flips through it.* I have some notes that should be helpful about what these pokemon are capable of. Don't mind he doodles, though...Here you go.

Originally Posted by Samy's Picture Book

Deerling (Normal/Grass): Deerling's appearance changes with the seasons, their body changing to Pink in the Spring, Green in the Summer, Orange in the Autumn, and Brown in the Winter (this form can be determined by the user, but some environments that are clearly "wintry" or "summery" may trigger this change). Deerling are especially cute and adorable, much like baby Pokémon, and are thus better at using techniques like Charm. Being so intrinsically linked with the natural world means that their Natural Gift attack will deal slightly more damage than normal, and will be less subject to diminishing returns than normal.

[Grass]: Grass-type Pokémon live anywhere that can support vegetation and are adept at concealing themselves in such places. They enjoy both bright sun and rain and fight more enthusiastically in the day time, though they are not put off by fighting at night. Rainstorms will heal them slightly every round the rain falls, while very bright sunlight will regenerate their energy instead. Their healing moves cost slightly less energy and their draining moves will heal them by a greater amount while suffering only half of the usual diminishing returns. They are immune to spore based techniques like Sleep Powder and are more adept at using such attacks themselves, creating denser concentrations of spores which are harder to disperse and more potent in their effects. Any attack used by Grass-types manipulating the environment is slightly more potent, and their Grass-type attacks which utilise plant foliage (such as Razor Leaf) are more efficient in natural environments.

[Normal]: Normal-type Pokémon are able to use support moves to greater effect than other Pokémon, with them being performed slightly quicker and being slightly more potent. Being beings of great balance, they benefit more from the positive effects of weather and other arena affecting moves, but will not suffer as badly from the negative effects. In the ASB, Normal-types take resisted damage from the damaging effects of Ghost-type energy.

Bagon (Dragon): Bagon's skulls are very tough and, as a result, attacks Bagon performs with their head do 1.1x damage, while any physical attack that strikes Bagon's skull will only do 80% damage. Bagon can see in the dark.

[Dragon]: Dragon-types tend to be strong swimmers and fliers, though they are not always as agile as other Pokémon. They fight more enthusiastically in warm climates but are less enthusiastic in colder ones. They radiate warmth from their core, and are slightly more resistant to chilling effects than other Pokémon. They are naturally very powerful Pokémon and their Dragon type attacks will have a stronger knockback than normal, but will deal no extra damage because of this.
And it looks like Pearl kicks it off by, you guessed it, charging in headfirst. He books it and lowers that thick cranium of his, aiming towards Deeling. The Grass type doesn't have much time to prepare, and he gets fiercely Headbutted before he can react! Wham! Ouch, that attack packs more of a punch, coming from a hardheaded fellow like him. While Deerling takes a tumble, Pearl shakes it off and looks ready to do that again...Deerling rights himself and wants to fight back right away, drawing some green Energy. No, this isn't some photosynthesis, this is an attack. He gathers that energy and forms it into a pulsing Ball, thrusting and letting it loose towards Pearl! It bursts againsts his face and makes him stumble back. But he gets back up almost instantly, gloating at Deerling asking if that was even an attack!

It looks like that didn't hurt as much as it could. Dragon Types are strong against those kinds of attacks, he should try something different if he wants to do some noticeable damage!

But the Bagon is trying something right now, he wants to show his opponent what it means to mess with a Dragon type. He flares up with a fierce, almost fiery Rage, gathering up all the power he can muster. Deerling looks worried and thinks that could be really dangerous, and needs to think of something fast...Pearl unleashes his fury and shoots out a big fireball of both of both Dragon and Fire power mixed together! It's a fierce explosion that looks like it nails Deerling something fierce...It looks like the dust is clearing up...but Deerling doesn't look any more hurt!? He stands strong is under some sort of barrier. It seems to have Protected him from what could have been a horrible hit...Deerling makes a hige sigh of relies as the barrier comes down. Pearl comments that wasn't a bad move. But I wouldn't get comfy, this is just the beginning!

That was a close one, wasn't it!? Oh yeah, I should probably remind you that pokemon can use any move they are able to learn at their disposal, not just ones they learn naturally.

That's right, even Egg Moves and TMs are available to them! Be sure to look at Attack Descriptions to see how each one works.

Aaanywho, back to the battle...

Pearl didn't take much damage. He can give it all he's got right now, too! He still has a good bit of Fire energy to put to use.

Deerling got hurt a little more than his opponent. He used slightly more energy, but can also do his best right now.

Thank, Samy. Now let's see what Kaija will do now!

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