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Patches: The smell hit your nose immediately, it was awful. Why would they hold a festival in such a horribly smelling place? Were they so busy with the planning of the party that they hadn't had the chance to clean their home? It was a little pitiable, and you felt as though you must do everything in your power to help the home owners. Your Pikachu, meanwhile, was digging through your bag in a vain attempt to bury itself within it's Pokeball. Your Eevee on the other hand, was seemingly having the time of it's life bounding through the various corridors of the sprawling mansion. You yanked a napkin from out of your bag, wiping away the dust and the various cobwebs that hung from the ceiling. Your first goal now, was to find the source of the smell before attending the party.

A chill resonates through your entire body, you feel it coming from the left hallway. You immediately get a good feeling about that direction, that was probably where the festival was.. but you weren't done cleaning up at the moment. However, your Eevee didn't have a care in the world, it pranced down that hallway, not worried about what you, or anyone else thought of it. As you told your Eevee to be careful, you were immediately silenced by some sort of loud noise, and the smell getting much, much worse. You glance at the napkin in your hand, it's mangled, falling apart, and far too overused at this point to get anything else done with it. As you continue down the hallway, you notice a smoky black door, deep gashes running through it's surface. You immediately think to yourself how much more of a cleaning this place needed, as well as the thought that they'd need a new door. The smell is overwhelming at this point, and the thought crossed your mind very suddenly that the smell must be coming from beyond here. Your Eevee places it's paws on the door and gives you a pleading look, wanting desperately to go inside. Your Pikachu jumps down in protest, but you are determined. If you want to get this place clean, you want to start with the source of that awful smell.

You place your hand on the handle, it seems awfully cold compared to the rest of the building. The smoky black tint of the door would probably make you assume the opposite, as if it had been burnt. As you push the door open, you swear you hear some sort of growling as you enter the room, but you brush it off as you hearing things. You looked around the oddly spacious room, realising two things almost instantly. The first was that it was extremely cold in here, the second was that there were no stairs leading into the basement here. The smell was still present however, and it seemed to be coming from a particular corner of the bedroom. You walked towards it, noticing something on the floor. It seemed to be a bag of... incense? Someone must've been burning it before you arrived, but whatever flavour it was smelt absolutely disgusting. You picked up the bag and pulled out some of the contents, it almost looked like ash in your hand. You shrugged, deciding to take it with you in the hopes of disposing of it.

You looked around once again, seeing a particular painting on the wall above where you found the baggie... had that always been there? You don't recall seeing it when you first walked into the room, but you must've just glanced over it... right? You eye it carefully, noticing it looks like some sort of gem-eyed Pokemon, a large smile resting upon it's face. It looks almost real in a way, it's smile almost chills you in a way. You notice the painting is somewhat crooked, you almost want to adjust it in a way.

The mysterious painting is tilted on it's hinge, should you adjust it to help tidy the house a bit or continue on your way? What do you do?
“Hm. I wasn’t expecting this doorknob to be so cold.” Patches examines the doorknob carefully for a moment but just shrugs it off and enters the room. The moment she enters the room she hears what sounds like growling noises. “Um… Did either of you hear that growling just now?” Neither of her Pokemon respond but Mio’s paws begin to dig into her shoulder a bit out of nervousness. “It was probably just the door creaking...” She shrugs it off and instantly realizes she is actually freezing cold. ’I really wish I had brought a sweater with me. I wonder why it’s so cold in here… But first I need to find the source of that smell!' With her goal in mind she practically forgets she’s cold and sets off to find the source! It didn’t take long to find the bag of incense on the floor. “Oh wow this is where that awful smell was coming from this entire time!? I feel so bad for the owners that they’ve been forced to use this in an attempt to freshen up in here! I’ve got just the thing though!” She kneels down on the ground and puts her bag down and begins to quickly shuffle through all of her disorganized things. First, she pulls out an empty container that has an air seal on it and places the incense inside and seals it nice and tight. ’Alright, so that takes care of the smell but I still need to replace it with something that will freshen this place right up!’ She begins to dig through her belongings once again. “Found you!” She pulls out a little tin and opens it up pulling out a single mint. She gently places the mint on the floor where the incense had once been. “These always make my breath smell fresh so I’m sure it will do the same for this room too!” Patches is very proud of herself for being so helpful, meanwhile, Mio has been on her shoulder this entire time and is just facepalming at her owners logic.

Patches stands up and begins to look around the room again and notices a painting across the room on the wall that she didn’t remember seeing before. “Wow! That painting is really nice, I’m surprised I didn’t notice it sooner. It’s a bit crooked so I’m going to have to straighten it up once I finish cleaning up all of the dust in here.” She goes to reach into her bag and realizes she isn’t holding it. Turns out, she left it on the floor earlier so she walks over to rummage through it once again in search of more napkins. “That’s strange… I could have sworn I had more napkins than this...” She looks up from her bag and notices Kiku. The little Eevee is curled up and snoring in a fluffy nest of torn up napkins that he made. “Kiku!!!” She was almost going to scold him but his head perked up at the sound of his name and he gave her his famous innocent look. “That face gets me every time! You’re just too cute to be mad at!” She picks up her bag and begins to walk over to the painting since now she doesn’t have anything to dust with so she may as well straighten up. Mio is beginning to get restless again but keeps it to herself as Patches reaches up to adjust the painting.

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