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"Oh, I'd love to see it," Tate enthused, beginning to do random, small tasks around the room, always a bit nervous at first when having company over. Using a small wooden step stool, the Johto native retrieved a small wooden case of spray bottles from the top of the hutch, and pulled one loose of the box. "I've heard there's a lot of Bird Pokémon in the area. I've never been, though. This area is thick with Water-types though; I think you'll like it."

Putting the case back, Tate began shaking the bottle, re-homogenizing the contents inside. The label was plain white with black writing, and clearly medical in nature. "Hey, I have to go give Uhane her medicine real quick, if you want to come with? She's been training with a new move, and it's, uh... been rough on her."
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