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♨ Bubbling Beach ♨


Upon your explanation, the Poliwhirl seem to be rather embarrassed that they were playing with a stolen ball!

"Oh, dear!" one of them croaks, "We didn't realize! We just thought it had been blown in by the wind. Things like these wash up quite often so we figured it was just another stray toy."

"Please take it back! I hope the owners haven't missed it too much!" The Poliwhril passes you back the ball, looking a bit flustered that the toy was ill-gotten.

"You mentioned that the ones who stole the ball were bothering Pokémon on the beach, right? I bet it's those nasty youngsters. What do they call themselves again, Croakina?"

"The Rough Customers, I think, Hoppy."

"Oh yes, that's it. They're a nasty little bunch. Except for that Panpour though - I think she's just fallen in with the wrong crowd."

"I actually knew her before she got caught up in that rabble. She's quite a nice girl, but she never really fit in with the other Pokémon her age. Her parents are quite worried about her."

"Oh yes, I think little Polly is her age. If I remember right, she was bullied quite a bit when they were younger. It's a shame she's gotten caught up with those two nasty boys, though. They've always been troublemakers."

"Well, I do hope you two can sort that out," Croakina says, turning to you, "Please extend our apologies to the owners of the ball."

"Oh, Croakina, look at the time!" Hoppy exclaimed, pointing to the sun, which was starting to dip just a bit lower.

"Oh no! We should get back before the boys return from the Village. Well, good luck, you all!"

With that, the two Poliwhirl exit the spring and head inland where some of the cooler waters are, chatting as they go. With the ball back in your care, you can return it to your new friends, but if the Poliwhirl are right, that Panpour could use a helping hand, or maybe a bit of advice...?
Sebastian sighs with relief to discover that these two Poliwhirl are most understanding. Thank goodness he won't have to argue over ownership of the beach ball (which, frankly, he sees as being on the frivolous side, but c'est la vie). He makes a move to retrieve the toy, but apparently the bathers have more to say - quite a bit more, actually. They seem to be the gossiping type. The Mudkip generally isn't one for excessive chatter, but the Poliwhirl have been so nice about the misunderstanding that he figures it's best to humour them and so he smiles and nods at all the appropriate cues. The story of the Panpour led astray is worrisome, though.

The trio bid farewell to Croakina and Hoppy, with their thanks for being so helpful. Now on their own again, the small group confer to determine their plan of action from here.

"Well done, Sebastian," says Dreamer, even looking as though she means it.

"Fanks 'basshun!" coos Peaches, beaming up at him.

The ordinarily stoic Mudkip feels a little blush rising in his cheeks. It feels good to be appreciated. "Here," he says, rolling the coveted ball over to Peaches. "You're going to be in charge of this for now, okay? Look after it!"

The baby mouse clutches the ball to her chest with a very serious expression, nodding solemnly. Clearly, she's ready to accept this responsibility.

"So what do we do now?" Sebastian asks.

"Why, we're going to go and see about that Panpour," Dreamer replies, looking taken aback that he should even feel the need to ask.

"You're really worried about a delinquent water monkey?" he queries, clearly dubious.

"Today's children are tomorrow's adults, Sebastian," she says regally. "If they're not raised right, then whatever shall we do in the future? Think of the societal implications!"

Sebastian can only stare.

"Besides, those other two ruffians could do with a lesson," she adds. There is mischief glittering in her eyes.

"Ah," Sebastian utters, finally comprehending. He looks over at Peaches, who is still gripping the ball, keeping it fixed in her gaze as though it might make a move to escape all on its own. "Alright then. Let's see if we can track them down before nightfall."

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