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Gary continued to look around the foyer until he heard some noises coming from another room. “Alola!” a voice greeted, revealing the owner of the base. “Shoes off at the door, please.” Gary smiled and nodded, slipping off his shoes and placing his socks in them by the entryway. He always left his shoes tied loosely enough so he could slip them on and off without having to untie them. He was lazy like that.

He then turned to face his friend, who had fully appeared in the room now. “Hey Tate!” he greeted, sticking out a hand to shake. Tate smiled and asked him the purpose of his visit, so Gary replied, “Well I had heard some rumors about some rather strong species of marine wildlife here in the Black Marsh mangroves, so I was on my way to check them out. I knew you were in the area so I figured I would drop by first.” He chuckled and spun a pokeball on his finger out of habit.

“By the way, this is a nice place you’ve got here,” he added, craning his head around the room and admiring all of the skylights above them. “I can see how his would make a nice relaxation destination. My base is a bit of a pain to get to, waterfalls and such, but you’re welcome to come visit if you’re ever at the Cloud Garden.”
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