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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post

With one of your teammates happily planted in the sand and out of the sun, the two remaining team members plod along, headed towards the various hot springs that lie beyond the dunes. The springs are fairly quiet today, but there are still a few Pokémon mulling about. A Slowpoke was sitting near you, tail dipped into the spring, fishing in vain for the Pokémon that weren't there. A Froakie was hopping between two of the pools, making a big splash with his Buizel friend, who was spraying water everywhere with her propeller tails. A Bibarel ambled down the path lazily, looking to have enjoyed a nice dip and making his way back to his home in the village slowly. Though the sun is bright, a veil of hazy steam somehow manages to cool the air despite the hot water bubbling up. It's more or less the perfect day to visit the hot springs!

...until a big burst of water flies from a nearby spring. There's a brief moment of commotion, and a bug Pokémon with an almost horseshoe-like shape darts past you. A glint of something its holding catches in the sun.

"STOP, THIEF!" a Pokémon calls out. A few moments later, you see a Pansear take chase, but the fiery monkey stops short just near you, huffing and puffing, unable to catch the culprit. She manages to catch her breath after a moment, and spies you out of the corner of her eye.

"Oh, you two - would you be able to help? That nasty little Wimpod just took my cherished necklace. My sweetheart made it from me from gems and shells she found on the beach and she would be devastated if I lost it!"

This Pansear seems quite desperate to recover her necklace... are you willing to help?

"That's awful," Niho sympathized, watching the Wimpod disappear into the distance; her heart was still thundering from the shock of the outburst, but she wasn't afraid. Rather, she was indignant and angry; she was very sympathetic to the Pansear's plight, though she doubted they could catch up to the flighty insect just by chasing after him. "We'd love to help, but-... I don't run that fast-"

She looked truly apologetic, lifting one stubby leg demonstratively. Pouli growled, thoughtfully, considering the situation. She was more agile than Niho by far, but even she couldn't move that fast. If they wanted to catch the thief, they'd have to do it via wits, not brute force. She pawed the sand habitually, and then looked at the distraught simian, nodding resolutely -- she had an idea.

"I bet he had a den," she expressed, with confidence. "Where he stashes his stolen goods. Somewhere to hide until the heat's off. If we find that, we find him, and your necklace."

With that, she leaned down, and put her nose to the sand, hoping she might be able to sleuth out his whereabouts via traces of lingering odor.


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