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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"...not fer Aria, den?"

"I mean, she's always liked Luxury Balls, but Luna was pretty clear about it not being for Aria."

"Den who's it fer?"

"That she wasn't so clear about."

"Dat figures," Meowth rolled his eyes as he and Keith entered the Department Store. One hell of a step up from the Pokémart of old, this shop stocked so much more than the old mart ever did, and from what Keith knew, they still hadn't gotten in all the new stock they intended to sell. But for now, he was here for a specific item that they currently did sell, acting on the cryptic advice of his Swoobat.

"Hey, Luna's never steered us wrong yet," Keith argued as he entered the Poké Ball section. "If she says I'm gonna want to buy a Luxury Ball, she's gotta have a reason for it. Maybe she foresees someone else's ball breaking or something," he speculated. "But who? I mean, I'm not sure if Tinnitus really needs a Luxury Ball... Fatale's gonna insist on another Vampire Ball... the only way a Shadow Ball can break is if the Pokémon gets purified, so we can count Stewie out immediately... maybe Peeves? It kinda matches the overall color scheme of a Dusknoir..."

"I guess we's gonna find out eventually," sighed Meowth, for as Keith had been speculating out loud, he had picked out and paid for a single Luxury Ball. Indeed, they were already on their way out. of the Department Store, new purchase in hand, despite not knowing its intended purpose just yet.

OOC: Buying a Luxury Ball. Payment: 150
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