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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post

Red Beach: A beach encompassing a massive inlet to the island, most tourists spend their time in the gentle tides and bright sun here. Any wild Pokemon are often nervous of the recent influx of people, and tend to stick to the deepest part of the waters or have fled to the outskirts of the beach. Minnao protesters can sometimes be found here protecting natural Pokemon habitats. Please respond in indianred. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.
"The beach! Yes, hell yeah, the beach~~!"

A sweet but posh voice rang out over the sand, a short and pale figure dashing towards the water with a fluorescent Lotad in tow. It stood out against others of its kind and most local wildlife with its strong pink pigmentation, which complimented its trainer well. The blonde had her hair pulled up into a messy topknot, her womanly body adorned in a pink bikini patterned with various candies of differing hues, a set of designer shades set upon her nose.

The little creature toddled up as fast as he could, meeting Alice Hope at the sunbed she had claimed, laying out a towel by the parasol. Another pink Pokemon joined them then: an Abra content to snooze in their designated space and keep its senses somewhat fixed on the tote Alice had set down containing her medication, other Pokemon and the like.

"Okay my little dude, it's play time!" Alice declared, sweeping the vibrant Lotad up in small, delicate hands to press a kiss upon his head. He excitedly called out his name, and after thanking Axel and giving him a peck, too, the young woman rushed down to splash into the water, letting Lorin back onto his feet to enjoy the water. It wasn't his natural river stuff, but it still felt great for him. This was going to be a fun holiday, and if they made a friend here like Minnao people often advertised, that could only be a bonus.

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