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Rotom Thunder Cloud Temple: Heather's Secret Base


High in the Phandalin Mountain Range of Fizzytopia, a large cloud constantly surrounds one of the highest peaks in the area. While a large portion of it eternally crackles with electricity, the lower portions remain white, fluffy, and perfectly safe. Of course, this lower portion is home to the Secret Base of one Heather Pridemoor, this home her castle in the skies.


Spoiler: show

A small platform leads to a steel door that guards the entrance to Heather's Base from the elements. Beyond it, one will find themselves in a long hallway. At the first left, one will find another steel door, this one heavily reinforced. The signage outside marks this ad the door to The Lab. Inside, some basic lab equipment, a small collection of servers, and a relatively unused workbench decorate the room. In the corner, a cabinet contains a disorganized mess of notebooks as yet mostly unused. It seems Heather has begun some elementary research on the Electric Types on her team. An intercom hangs from the ceiling, just like every other room in the base. Heather carries a radio that can be used to page any room in the Base she needs to. Across from the Lab, and thankfully not quarantined by half a foot of solid steel, is The Kitchen. A fairly standard establishment, with a decently sized pantry and enough kitchenware to get by the day-to-day needs of a growing woman and her team of Pokemon, it should be noted that the freezer is stocked with an inordinate amount of pizza rolls, as the Base's owner proclaims them to be "soul food," much to the annoyance of Magus, who doesn't actually eat them. A Surf mat decorates an otherwise barren corner, and, to the displeasure of many a veteran Trainer, the trash can in the corner, like any other in the Base, is always empty. Down the hall to the left is The Living Room. The tables in here are essentially smaller versions of the kitchen table, and all three can be converted into kotatsu if the air gets too chilly. A Thunder Mat sits behind each table, and a row of three blue beanbag chairs sits facing the TV in the room, which can be set up for video games upon request. Other than that, the room is rather barren, though perhaps some more features will be added later, once Heather has completed some more adventures. Across from the Living Room is a wide, furnitureless expanse: The Playroom. This wide open area is filled with balls, chew toys, and various other implements for the enjoyment of Pokemon. Heather hasn't yet figured out how to get a pool properly installed in there yet, but perhaps at a later time that issue might be resolved. Coming to the end of the hallway is a final steel door, which requires a passcode to open. Only Heather knows this code, and she will tell no one about it except under dire circumstances. Behind it a set of stairs leads upwards into...


Spoiler: show

A quiet space for Heather and her Pokemon alone, the far end of the room is home to a plush, queen sized pink bed. Beside it, a nightstand is home to an alarm clock, a password-protected laptop which Heather will open only when alone, and a pink trophy. The plaque on the trophy suggests it was awarded in 2013, for some sort of achievement in...modeling? However, a portion of the name is buffed out entirely, leaving only the text Pridemoor after a solemn blank space. Dolls of various Electric types litter the room, and a TV with the brunt of Heather's gaming collection stands in a corner, a Thunder Mat before it. On the other side of the room, a Powder Snow Mat is home to a plush Pikachu-themed bed, where Danni sleeps in full view of Heather, unable to so much as close her eyes anywhere else.

The base is now closed as of this announcement.

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