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★ Starlight Summit ★

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Seeing no other way but under, the team employs the help of Chromium, who through her creative powers has managed to learn how to Dig. Using a combination of her paws and tail, she begins to shovel dirt and rocks aside, making her way under the ground to bypass the stoic Pokémon meditating at the cave entrance. To avoid any catastrophic collapse trapping them, the team sticks close as the Smeargle tunnels to the other side. After quite a bit of digging, Chromium pops her head up, having successfully arrived on the other side. The other two manage to make it out as well - and just in time too - not long after the trio exited the makeshift tunnel does it begin to collapse and take the ground above it and the entranced Darmatian with it too! The Darmatian sinks into the newly created hole, continuing to be unmoving, stoic, and blocking the exit. It seems like you may need to find another way out of the cave; either that, or hope that the big ape has snapped out of it and moved on by the time you return.

Turning attention to the cave you put a good deal of effort to trap yourselves in, you see two possible branching paths laid out ahead of you - to the left is a somewhat narrower path, which seems to have some light streaming into it from some unknown source, while to the left is a broader path that is pitch black. There is a faint echo coming from the left side of the cave, though it's hard to tell exactly what it is. It sounds like some sort of flapping and rustling, but it's too faint and diffuse to pinpoint anything for certain...
The Smeargle set to work, tunneling her way under the ground, her teammates sticking to her (very literally in Cotton's case) as she did so, the better to prevent some unexpected cave-in from separating them. Thankfully, no such cave in occurred... well, not until after they were out of the makeshift tunnel, anyway. For indeed, no sooner had they cleared the new entrance than it collapsed. Moreover, the ground above it sank, and so did the Zen Mode Darmanitan occupying aforementioned ground. Naturally, the Fire/Psychic-type remained unfazed by this sudden shift in elevation. Exiting would very likely prove problematic, but the group figured they'd cross that bridge when they came to it. For now, there was a cave ahead of them to be explored, a ball to be found.

And right away, as an irate Chromium peeled her Fairy-type teammate off of her, they all noticed that the path ahead forked already. "OK," stated Cotton. "Which way do we go?"

"I'm thinking we go the way we can actually see," Chromium retorted, gesturing to the left path. "Unless you like the idea of stumbling around in the dark," she added.

"Chrome, you forget," grinned Cotton. "I know Flash. The right path would be a piece of cake. And it looks a lot bigger, too- we'd all fit down there."

"And so would something big enough to crush us all," the Smeargle persisted. "Anything that can fit down the left path couldn't possibly be big enough to pose a... oh, yeah, Hermione," she mumbled, recalling that one of her teammates practically lived to refute her exact way of thinking. Hermione might be a Weedle, but she was by no means a pushover.

"Yeah," nodded Cotton. "Size does not equal power." Tinnitus nodded his agreement as well.

"I get it, I get it," snapped Chromium. "So, what, we go to the right and you light the way?"

"Why not?" grinned the Swirlix. "C'mon, let's go," he added. He started to lead the way down the darker pathway, though not before using Flash to light the way.

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