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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Incognito Isle

Radiant Rainforest - Nestled in between the southern and eastern docks is a lush jungle, filled with tall trees, fanning ferns, verdant vines and rambling routes between them. Grass and Bug Pokémon live in harmony in the canopy and brush alike. The climate is a bit humid but never too hot, and a constant rain falls over the forest, but the sun will shine through, casting rainbows over the foliage at nearly every moment! Please use mediumspringgreen.

If the three Pokemon had learned anything of their trainer during their varying stays with her, it was that Alice Hope was a creature of materialism and luxury, and so when the affordable cruise was announced, she had hopped right on it. As it was, they were the luckiest of her Pokemon. Their high-standard human could be as generous as she was often selfish, and the trio had been able to go on a holiday of their own.

Disembarking the vessel, they were an interesting group: A Snubbull led the charge, her face a default snarl that contrasted greatly to the other two. The Mime Jr in particular seemed to be singing in her tongue, dancing her way towards the brush, her oddly coloured body literally shimmering in the warm sunlight. Far from pink, and shy but curious, an Alolan Vulpix padded on after them, keeping an eye on the baby that had joined the team after her.

"Don't stray too far." Pixie cooed softly as the creature darted about, dancing in pirouettes and breaking the tranquil quiet with her sweet tunes. Samantha seemed mildly disinterested, sneezing from the pollen but still stubborn enough to take in all of the rainforest's delicious scents. It was a bit muggy for Pixie, but the others didn't seem to mind. She would still make the best of it if she could. None of the three had ever visited a setting quite like this one, and it would be a crime to the others not to enjoy it and do as much as they could. Besides, there were great treasures to be found, and the girls knew that Alice would cherish them all the more if they brought their human some good shiz.

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