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By popular demand, I'd like to welcome 134 under my wing!

★ Starlight Summit ★

Missingno. Master

Seeing no other way but under, the team employs the help of Chromium, who through her creative powers has managed to learn how to Dig. Using a combination of her paws and tail, she begins to shovel dirt and rocks aside, making her way under the ground to bypass the stoic Pokémon meditating at the cave entrance. To avoid any catastrophic collapse trapping them, the team sticks close as the Smeargle tunnels to the other side. After quite a bit of digging, Chromium pops her head up, having successfully arrived on the other side. The other two manage to make it out as well - and just in time too - not long after the trio exited the makeshift tunnel does it begin to collapse and take the ground above it and the entranced Darmatian with it too! The Darmatian sinks into the newly created hole, continuing to be unmoving, stoic, and blocking the exit. It seems like you may need to find another way out of the cave; either that, or hope that the big ape has snapped out of it and moved on by the time you return.

Turning attention to the cave you put a good deal of effort to trap yourselves in, you see two possible branching paths laid out ahead of you - to the left is a somewhat narrower path, which seems to have some light streaming into it from some unknown source, while to the left is a broader path that is pitch black. There is a faint echo coming from the left side of the cave, though it's hard to tell exactly what it is. It sounds like some sort of flapping and rustling, but it's too faint and diffuse to pinpoint anything for certain...

♨ Bubbling Beach ♨


Upon your explanation, the Poliwhirl seem to be rather embarrassed that they were playing with a stolen ball!

"Oh, dear!" one of them croaks, "We didn't realize! We just thought it had been blown in by the wind. Things like these wash up quite often so we figured it was just another stray toy."

"Please take it back! I hope the owners haven't missed it too much!" The Poliwhril passes you back the ball, looking a bit flustered that the toy was ill-gotten.

"You mentioned that the ones who stole the ball were bothering Pokémon on the beach, right? I bet it's those nasty youngsters. What do they call themselves again, Croakina?"

"The Rough Customers, I think, Hoppy."

"Oh yes, that's it. They're a nasty little bunch. Except for that Panpour though - I think she's just fallen in with the wrong crowd."

"I actually knew her before she got caught up in that rabble. She's quite a nice girl, but she never really fit in with the other Pokémon her age. Her parents are quite worried about her."

"Oh yes, I think little Polly is her age. If I remember right, she was bullied quite a bit when they were younger. It's a shame she's gotten caught up with those two nasty boys, though. They've always been troublemakers."

"Well, I do hope you two can sort that out," Croakina says, turning to you, "Please extend our apologies to the owners of the ball."

"Oh, Croakina, look at the time!" Hoppy exclaimed, pointing to the sun, which was starting to dip just a bit lower.

"Oh no! We should get back before the boys return from the Village. Well, good luck, you all!"

With that, the two Poliwhirl exit the spring and head inland where some of the cooler waters are, chatting as they go. With the ball back in your care, you can return it to your new friends, but if the Poliwhirl are right, that Panpour could use a helping hand, or maybe a bit of advice...?


With one of your teammates happily planted in the sand and out of the sun, the two remaining team members plod along, headed towards the various hot springs that lie beyond the dunes. The springs are fairly quiet today, but there are still a few Pokémon mulling about. A Slowpoke was sitting near you, tail dipped into the spring, fishing in vain for the Pokémon that weren't there. A Froakie was hopping between two of the pools, making a big splash with his Buizel friend, who was spraying water everywhere with her propeller tails. A Bibarel ambled down the path lazily, looking to have enjoyed a nice dip and making his way back to his home in the village slowly. Though the sun is bright, a veil of hazy steam somehow manages to cool the air despite the hot water bubbling up. It's more or less the perfect day to visit the hot springs!

...until a big burst of water flies from a nearby spring. There's a brief moment of commotion, and a bug Pokémon with an almost horseshoe-like shape darts past you. A glint of something its holding catches in the sun.

"STOP, THIEF!" a Pokémon calls out. A few moments later, you see a Pansear take chase, but the fiery monkey stops short just near you, huffing and puffing, unable to catch the culprit. She manages to catch her breath after a moment, and spies you out of the corner of her eye.

"Oh, you two - would you be able to help? That nasty little Wimpod just took my cherished necklace. My sweetheart made it from me from gems and shells she found on the beach and she would be devastated if I lost it!"

This Pansear seems quite desperate to recover her necklace... are you willing to help?

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