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A Young Girl's Misadventure at a Rescue Center

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Welcome to the Adoption Center!
Lv. 01 (F) Seedot (Shiny) ($30)
No special moves.
RP Type Stoofs
Spoiler: show
Amicae was hesitant about walking into the new Adoption Center. The place had been open for weeks, with occasional explosions of activity interspersed through small tricklings of less crowded visits. She hadn't wanted to to come during one of the crowded sessions, but... every time one happened, she figured the place was emptied out. Then the next one happened, then the next. If the place had such an inexhaustible supply of otherwise homeless critters, then perhaps there was still a wide selection for her to choose from.

And so there was. It was simply amazing how much variety there was within the premises, from a bird with feather formations that looked like a hat, to a trio of long-necked mammalian creatures with heads on their tails, to red, bug-eyed bugs with mushrooms growing out their backs, to a floating chunk of blue metal with eyes that made it difficult to tell whether the thing was upside-down or right-side up. "I wonder if Chroma would like that one..." Ami asked nobody in particular. A sudden eerie coo answered her from behind, sending a chill down her back. "Aaeeii-ii!" Not the most graceful of screams, but when are they ever?

At the very least, the puppet-like specter and its fellows (and some sort of cowl with a skull mask?) all thought was pretty funny and busted out laughing and rocking around in the air like a bunch of levitating lunatics. "Glad to know I can make somebody laugh..." Ami muttered as she stalked through the building, her mood officially soured. That didn't exactly last long- a cute little acorn critter sitting all alone beneath a tree. "Oh, hello, cutie. How long have you been here?"

"See, see!" the pokemon replied, bouncing up and down slightly with a concerned look in its eyes.

"Is that so? Well, you don't need to worry anymo-" WHUMP! A sudden weight landed on her back and began squirming around in her backpack. "H-hey! Get out of there!" She swung the pack off her shoulders and around to her front- but her assailant leapt out of it before it reached its destination and zoomed through the air, leaving a trail of sparkling light in its own wake. It was another acorn-like pokemon, darker and redder in hue, somehow balancing her wallet and a dark pokeball on its head as it hurried off, using its feet to keep it spinning on its point to gather speed. "Oh, you're not getting away!" She quickly pulled out another pokeball out of the bag and through it ahead of her, releasing the Water Bubble pokemon within. "Bell, stop that thing with Infestation!"

"Dew, dew!" the dewpider cried out as it charged up multiple orbs of lime green Bug energy- but it was for naught. The Ghost-Typed pokemon from before suddenly materialized before him, shocking him and dispelling his constructs as he fell to the ground in shock. "Seriously?!" Ami scooped up her pokemon and ran past the guffawing specters, determined to get her stuff back from the roundish thief.

"Pidaaa..." Bell moaned, disappointed in his apparent ineptitude. "Don't worry about it. You did your best, and that's what matters. There!" She caught sight of the acorn at last, at... the reception desk? It had tossed her wallet onto the desk and the ball next to it and was looking right at them. "Oh, no no no no no no!" Certain now that it had her attention, it pressed the button on the ball with its foot- and was sucked inside in a surge of violet light. The orb completed all three shakes as she caught up to it, and snapped shut as she slid across the last stretch to snatch it.

Ami picked herself up off the floor, looking at the cyber ball in her hand. "So... I, uh, guess that I'm adopting a, um... whatever this thing is. That's $30, right?"

~ ~ ~

Adopting this sparkly little girl and slipping her into this Violet Cyber Ball, and paying out this here $30. Honestly surprised that she stayed around for so long!

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