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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Gale Gorge - A deep gorge is sliced into the side of the island just beyond the eastern dock, dropping dramatically from the side of the volcano in the center of the island. The faces of the gorge are steep and dramatic, but natural paths have been carved out by the winds that blow constantly down the center of the gorge. Flying Pokémon have made this gorge their home, perched on the outcroppings littering the walls. It's even said that some Dragon Pokémon occasionally visit these parts, at home in the stark but homey environs. Please use firebrick.
“Alright you two, lets make sure we have lots of treasure to bring back to Patches!” Mio the Pikachu took charge and attempted to lead the way while dragging a lazy Eevee by the tail.

“This is the worst day of my life. It just has to be. I can’t think of a single day before now that was as bad as this one already is. How much longer do we have to be out here?” Momo the Eevee has been doing his best to make sure that the others are aware of his suffering.

“I will not hesitate to shock you Momo. You should feel honored that you were chosen to explore this place. It means that our owner has a lot of faith in you.” Mio doesn’t feel like listening to Momo complain all day and finally lets go of his tail. “Fine. We’ll just leave you behind then. Come on Kei!” She stomps on ahead knowing the last thing Momo wants is to be left all alone.

“But...” Kei the Charmander begins to tear up at the idea of leaving his friend behind. “Momo… Are you going to be okay?”

“I’m dying Kei… I don’t think I can go on...” Momo dramatically flips over on his back and closes his eyes.

“No, Momo!! Please! Is there anything I can do to help?” Kei runs up to Momo in a panic.

“I just.. I need to be held.” Momo opens his eyes and gives Kei a pleading stare. Kei approaches Momo intending to give him a hug but is immediately interrupted by a bolt of lightening whizzing past him and then making contact with the “dying” Momo. “EEEE!” Momo instantly stands up, some of his fur is now singed. “I’ll give you a real reason to think you’re dying if you don’t buck up right now.” Mio’s eyes are fierce, practically piercing right through the little Eevee. Momo sighs and begins to walk, “Let’s just get this over with.”

Finally, the team of three begin to make some progress exploring the Island. “So, do you guys have a preference of which area we-” Mio, who was leading the way, wasn’t paying attention and walked right off a ledge mid-sentence. Fortunately, she managed to grab onto the edge before it was too late and pulled herself back up. The other two quickly caught up and they all take a moment to stare down into the gorge. “I think you almost just died Mio. You almost felt what I've been feeling all day.” Momo says casually. “Shut up, Momo.” Mio shoots Momo another glare. “Um… Why don’t we take that path down and explore here for now.” Kei ignores the exchange between Momo and Mio and points to a nearby path that appears to be leading down into the gorge. Mio just nods and begins to descend down the path with the other two following closely behind.

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