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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

The light breeze and fresh scent of roses immediately brought a calm to you and your Woobat. Though there were several others visiting the Rose Garden today, it was still rather quiet aside from the occasional cry of a wild Grass or Bug type Pokemon.

You made your way past the small groups of people taking pictures of the sculpted hedges and blooming roses to a more secluded area of the Garden. Fortunately for you, the roses seemed to be organized by color. You passed the reds, oranges, yellows, onto the softer greens and blues. In the center of the blue section was a hedge sculpted to look like a Komala. There was even a large log placed in the arms of the sculpture, imitating ones the Drowsing Pokemon were always seen with. Beneath the sculpture was a soft patch of grass that looked perfect to lay in. You felt your stress begin to wash away as you lowered yourself onto the spot. Taking a note from the sculpture above you, you begin to drift off...

You were startled awake by a tap on your shoulder. "Oh, hey sorry, you've just been here a while, I wanted to make sure you were ok?" A ranger in a red uniform was crouched next to you, a concerned look on his face. There was an Audino at his side with an equally concerned look. The pink Pokemon was wearing a red vest that matched the rangers, a cross on the uniform indicating it was part of the Medical team. "Actually, are you a Trainer? We could use your help with something. If you're feeling up to it, we are having one heck of a Scatterbug problem. Normally these guys eat the plants around here and its no problem, but they are just thriving this season. We're short staffed at the moment and guests have started complaining that they're eating the flowers..." The ranger looked over his shoulder, and sure enough, you could see several Scatterbug munching away at a patch of violet roses.

"You can catch them if you want, I think we have quite the variety of Vivillion patterns around here." His Audino had rushed over to the nearby Scatterbug, trying to shoo away the pests. "Or maybe you could just scare them off. Anything helps." He stood up again, and called his Audino back to him. It seemed he had to return to his rounds. He gave you a slight wave and nod goodbye before walking off towards the Ranger's station.
Lillian walked past the groups of people taking pictures of the various hedges and roses. While the idea of taking pictures did interest Lillian, she hadn't brought a camera with her, and in fact, didn't even know if she had a camera at all. Remilia might have one, but Lillian wasn't sure. It didn't really matter anyways, as they weren't here to sight see, but to find some rest and relaxation. She walked among the roses, noting that the roses were organized via color. It was a very convienent system which allowed her to bypass the colors she wasn't very interested to go towards the more subtle colors, like the blue roses she spotted. Neither Lillian or Nightingale could ever remember seeing blue roses before, but they were such a nice color that the both of them couldn't resist taking a nap under them. As Lillian and Remilia walked over towards the patch of blue flowers, Lillian saw that there was also a scuplted hedge as well. She had no idea what the hedge was sculpted to look like, but it was some kind of animal gripping a long log in its arm, almost like it was cuddling with it. Looking around, she saw that there was a patch of grass that looked almost perfect for lying down in. She lied down, Remilia resting beside her. Immediately, Lillian began to feet sleepy, and grabbing Remilia, much to a mild protest, and held her close to her chest, before quickly falling asleep.

Lillian was awoken by a tap on her shoulder. She woke up quickly to see that there was a ranger in a red uniform above her. She sat up, putting Remilia back on the ground. Remilia groggily woke up herself, wondering what all the commotion was about. Lillian listened to the Ranger as he explained what the problem was. The Scatterbug here, which Lillian had never heard of before, were exploding out of control, and were eating all of the plants in the area. As the ranger looked over his shoulder, Lillian could not only see what the problem was, but also the magnitude of the problem. All around the violet roses were Scatterbug. The black bugs with abnormally sized heads and a white ruff of fuzz around their necks were busy eating the rose bushes. They were like little gluttons, tearing off leaves and rose petals with abandon as they gorged themselves. Lillian found them to be rather cute, but listened to the ranger when he asked them to get rid of the Scatterbug in some way. Lillian did want to catch one of the little bugs, but she didn't really want to remove them via force.

The ranger left to go back to the ranger station while the Audino ran towards the Scatterbug, trying to see if it could shoo them off. Lillian noticed from the Pokemon's uniform that it was part of the medical staff, and felt compelled to help it. One nurse to another. Lillian ran forwards, leaving Remilia behind, who sighed. "I bet you don't even have a plan Lillian! Will you come back-ughhh!" Remilia flew towards Lillian, who was staring at the Scatterbug. Lillian saw Remilia fly near hear, and shook her head. "I don't want to hurt them. They just want to eat. Maybe we can relocate them somewhere. Bring them to a place with a bunch of food that they would be happy with. But I'm not sure how to do that..." Lillian went off deep into thought, before coming back with an idea. "Hey, Remilia, I wonder if you could Charm the Scatterbug so they'll follow you, and then we can lead them to greener pastures. What do you say?" Remilia grumbled a bit. "If this ends up like some sort of doujin, I'm blaming you, okay!? But let's get these Scatterbug out of here.
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