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Tate was absorbed with something or other on the laptop in the study when the sound of the front door opening brought the trainer to attention. Looking up from the keyboard, fingers still hovering over the keys, the Johto native listened as the visitor introduced himself. Shutting the notebook, Tate stood, and trotted to the study door. Poking a head through the archway, one hand gripping the jam, Tate grinned.

"Alola!" Greeted the naturalist, before issuing one request: "Shoes off at the door, please."

Satisfied that Gary would comply -- he was a good and polite friend, after all -- Tate trotted the rest of the way into the foyer in bare feet, hands clasped behind the back. The room was large for what it was, lit by gaps in the branch room having been covered in thick glass. Because of the natural nature of their formation, they were erratically place and randomdly spaced, giving it something of an ethereal property. "What brings you to my humble abode, brother?"

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