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♨ Bubbling Beach ♨


"Thank you so much!" the bolder of the Seel pair responds as the team heads through the dunes and towards the hot springs.

You follow a narrow path between a few towering hills of sand off the beach, and it doesn't take long to see why they call it the Bubbling Beach. Numerous tiers of hot springs are scattered across the area, all giving off rolling steam. Even in the open air, the haze of steam gathers fairly thick, pushed around by the salty sea breeze. There are quite a number of hot springs to search; this could take a while!

Mercifully, though, your search is over nearly as soon as it started, as only a few moments after coming across the springs, a colorful flash bursts into the air! The beach ball can be clearly seen being popped into the air and sinking back down again, not too far from where the group stands. As you approach, you find a pair of Poliwhirl, sitting in the hot spring and having quite a fun time with the ball, slapping it back and forth with their wide, mitten-like hands, croaking and chortling as they bat the ball between themselves. The duo seem to be enjoying themselves quite a bit with their newfound toy, though it doesn't take long to notice that the ball is looking to be a bit worse for the wear, between the attempted popping and the heat of the springs wearing on its vinyl exterior. It might be best to retrieve the ball before too long before it becomes a soggy plastic pancake, which would be no fun for anyone!
Dreamer | Sebastian | Peaches

"Ah, target identified! I'm glad that didn't take too long," says Dreamer pleasantly. "Off you go then, Sebastian!"

Sebastian frowns slightly. He's not thrilled about the way he's been thrown into the role of Primary Ball Retriever, but as a Water Pokémon, it really does make the most sense for him to be responsible in this situation. Those Seel are counting on them, and Peaches would doubtlessly be devastated if the ball were to reach an untimely end.

Steeling his nerves, the little Mudkip marches up to the playful pair. He clears his throat, more out of politeness than anything else. "Excuse me, my good Pokémon," he begins with an uneasy smile. "I do so hate to interrupt your game, but I must inform you that the toy you're currently enjoying actually belongs to some acquaintances of ours down on the beach. You see, they were actually victims of some rather unkind fellows and, well, not to belabour the point, but they're rather keen to have it back."

"We'd be very grateful if you'd be kind enough to hand it back to us." He pauses momentarily to indicate Peaches to the Poliwhirl. "Especially my young friend there," he adds, hoping to appeal to any soft spot they might have for little ones. Peaches, right on cue, waves merrily to the pair.

Dreamer sits passively a safe distance away from any clouds of steam. Despite her nonchalant appearance, she's watching everything carefully, ever so slightly on edge. Of course, if anyone asked, she'd waste no time in telling them that it was only because she didn't want to deal with the little Pichu making a fuss again. Nothing more.

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