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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post

The mansion had not aged well, and this became immediately apparent as soon as you stepped inside of the old chateau. Chipped paint was peeling from walls and ceilings in large quantities. Broken floorboards lined the entryway. Cobwebs dangled from the ceilings, threatening to latch onto the face of any potential careless adventurers.

For a moment, Pouli followed a few paces behind its trainer, uncertain of the decrepit old mansion and what was inside, before puffing her chest bravely and quickly catching up. She walked alongside you in lockstep as the two of you made your way inward through what must have once served as a welcoming area.

The Houndour seemed a bit worried. Perhaps something among the musty, stale scent that filled the mansion caught her attention or seemed off. It was hard to say.

The two of you began making your way through the entryway, noting that not only was the place in complete shambles, but that, save a few still-hanging portraits, the facility had been picked clean of all possessions and belongings that may have once been left behind. Nothing really seemed to immediately stand out as you -


Darkness. Total and complete all consuming darkness. Well, mostly, save for the beam of light that trickled in from above, left by the hole you created when you fell through the floor. You probably should have been paying closer attention to the cracked floorboards... but it didn't matter now. That’s all you could comprehend as you opened your eyes, your Houndour having woken you from licking your face worriedly. You needed a moment to collect yourself, and maybe to make sure nothing was broken. How far had you fallen, anyway? Ten, maybe fifteen feet? Thankfully, wherever it was you were now, the floor appeared to be far more solid. Unfortunately, adapting to the situation at hand looked like it was going to be a bit of a chore, and it seemed as though you were now stuck in the mansion for the long haul. Without any immediately apparent way to guide you through the darkness of… wherever you were, it looked like you were going to have to do a bit of deliberating for your next course of action.

Tate groaned, mopping saliva and dust from scraped cheeks. Gettin' real fuckin' sick of this shit, Tate thought, absently, mind wandering back to another time the ill-fated trainer had fallen through the floor of a building. A patter was beginning to become established and Tate did not appreciate it it; it was as though the fates themselves had cursed the acrophobic bird keeper -- an ironic occupation in itself -- to a death by nothing less than the worst, most terrifying manner possible. (Well. Maybe third most terrifying way possible. Via fire and via drowning were probably still worse, in Tate's mind. But that was neither here nor there.)

Looking to Pouli, Tate reached out and hugged the hound around the neck, grateful for her safety and for her company. The embrace lasted for a while,and when Tate finally pulled away it was evident the trainer was trying to hold back tears of frustration. Standing, Tate brushed the dust off of the flamboyant clothes for which the Alolan-obsessed Johto native was recognized, stretched, popped as many joints as possible, and looked around the nearly pitch black space, only a few tiny bars of light filtering in from the hole above.

"I guess we're in... the basement?" Tate hypothesized, glancing at Pouli. Pouli made a noise of uncertainty, and pawed the floor. She didn't like this; the old, creepy house, or the accident, or being lost in this dark place. Tate reached down, and scrubbed the top of her head reassuringly. "There's gotta be a staircase around here somewhere. Do you thing you could summon a Will-o-Wisp? We could probably use it as a lantern. Just... don't burn me with it."

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