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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
★ Starlight Summit ★

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Upon your offer, the Mime Jr. perks up considerably, looking quite pleased at your acceptance.

"Great!" he cheered, still sniffing a bit, "The last place I had it was over by that cave," he pointed to a cave not too far away, "but it... well it seemed to fly off somewhere in it and I don't know where it ended up! I would go in myself, but it's rather scary and dark... there's that Pokémon blocking the way."

Just over a nearby rock is an indent in the side of the mountain that dips into the darkness, rays of the sun barely even touching it. Right at its mouth, there is the Pokémon Mime Jr. referred to, in fact blocking the way. The Pokémon is large and somewhat round, with a blue coat and arms and legs pulled in tight. From this distance, it looks much more like a statue than anything else. It seems to be stern and unmoving, and doesn't even appear to be breathing.

"When I tried to go in, that Pokémon would just block my path. I tried to move it out of the way, but it released a big burst of fire when it did and it scared me so much!" Mime Jr. explains, "I tried to talk to it too, but it didn't respond... It seems to be meditating or something..."

The problem seems fairly clear cut, but the solution is much less clear. The little Mime, however, seems eager for your help... what will you do?
Mime Jr. seemed to cheer up quite a bit in response to Cotton's willingness to help. He was very helpful himself, pointing out the cave near which he last had the ball, and even explained that the ball had flown off into said cave. However, that was where the good news ended- the reason Mime Jr. couldn't simply go in and get the ball himself was sitting right in front of the mouth of the cave, looking decidedly disinclined to move. "Whoa," Cotton remarked, eyeing the mysterious Pokémon. "What kind of Pokémon is that? I never seen something like that before."

"I've seen portraits of it," said Chromium. "This is a Darmanitan, I'm sure of it."

"Darmanitan?" repeated Cotton. "You mean that big red thing with the arms and the burning eyebrows and the maniac grin?" He looked back at the subdued blue Pokémon, with no visible limbs and no grin of any sort. What little eyebrows it could be said to have were most certainly not on fire. "Uhh... This does not look like that," he stated.

"It's in its Zen Mode, you uneducated fairground snack," snapped Chromium. "Certain Darmanitan can assume Zen Mode when they've taken a lot of damage. When they're like this, they're nearly immobile, but their special attacks are extremely powerful."

"Hm... And I guess we can't reason with it, can we?" Cotton questioned. "Not if it won't respond to talking... well, then, we'll just have to go around it," he stated, his tone of voice so matter of fact that Chromium and Tinnitus looked to see if there might have been any room for them to squeeze past.

"...OK, I'll bite," sighed the Smeargle. "How exactly do you propose we do that? I don't think any of us are squeezing past that thing. Especially you- you try squeezing past anything or anyone, you're gonna get stuck fast."

"Not what I had in mind," responded Cotton. "If we can't take that entrance, we'll just make our own instead," he grinned. "And that's where you come in, Chrome," he added. "You're gonna help us tunnel our way in with Dig!"

"...I am?" responded Chromium, though as she caught sight of Mime Jr., she gave a small sigh. "...Alright, fine, I am," she conceded. "Just as long as we're not on the business end of that Darmanitan's attacks. Now let's get moving so I can find a good spot to start digging," she stated, taking the opportunity to take the lead herself.

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