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Gary was back in familiar territory, and it felt like he had never left. There was a high level of comfortability being in the heart of the Cloud Garden, a place he practically called home. Once everything was dusted off and scrubbed clean, he called upon his Pokemon friends to reacquaint themselves with their former lair. A myriad of light filled the room as close to twenty Pokemon were released from their Pokeballs.

There were the Fire types, Typhu the Typhlosion, Flare the Houndoom, and Ramoth the Charizard who lounged around the living room. The Grass types Thorn the Cacturne, Venu the Ivysaur, Terra the Turtwig, and Coco the Tropius who gathered around the large tree trunk in the atrium. Amph the Ampharos and Rena the Stantler took some of the smaller Pokemon like Espy the Espeon, Tyrant the Larvitar, Buru the Smeargle, and Lynxa the Sneasel with them to relax in the bedroom. Shuri the Ninjask flew off to speed around the observatory and Scurvy the Aipom began to swing around the branches literally everywhere.

The final Pokemon to get situated were the myriad of Water types on Gary’s team. Kratos the Golduck and Raphael the Blastoise laid down to soak in the fountain. To finish things off, Devine the Kingdra and Aero the Mantine appeared in the aquarium, happy to swim around freely. Last but not least was Gary’s newest addition, Pickle the baby Pyukumuku, who sloshed along the sandy bottom of the tank. Gary stretched his arms above his head, happy to see all of his Pokemon enjoying themselves, and sat down at the computer to check his email.
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