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Withering Woods


‘Something or other lay in wait for him, amid the twists and the turns of the months and the years, like a crouching Beast in the Jungle. It signified little whether the crouching Beast were destined to slay him or to be slain.’

While perhaps not the most harmonious squadron to ever step foot into an eerie forest, the trio seemed to be damn effective at forging ahead through the rapidly thickening underbrush. Thorn, the de-facto leader of the troop, seems to be quite at home in the somewhat arid forest, begrudgingly paving the way his other two party members. The three could not help but notice the deafening silence pervading the inky woodlands they were traversing, only being sparsely interrupted by the rustling of the brush beneath their feet. Buru is the first to notice the dying of the light; her eyes were not nearly as well adapted as those of her compatriots, who don't particularly seem to be affected by the change. Nevertheless, the three march on, as an acrid, smoky musk wafts through the air.

Any internal thoughts the ragtag team had were immediately cut off by a pained cry sounding off in the distance. A clearing comes into sight, at the center of it a badly beaten mammalian creature. The brown fox's now rusty, bloodstained fur is matted heavily with dirt and debris, and one of the poor thing's ears seems to be rather badly burned. A few wicked gashes stand out starkly against the white fur of its breast, a clear sign of a vicious claw attack. The poor creature weakly mewls and lifts its head, glancing at the members of your squad. It seems unable to speak, but its eyes scream unholy terror.

Lynxa's sensitive ears perk up slightly as she picks up on a low rumble in the near distance, although she is unable to detect precisely where it is coming from. The trio look at the wounded Eevee before them, taking a moment of hesitation to think... what will they do?


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