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Cyndaquil The Starline Waterfall Observatory and Aquarium

In the Starline Waterfall area of the Cloud Garden, a large oak tree rests just upstream of the gigantic falls itself. Beside the tree is a smaller waterfall that flows into the main stream, where the tree is supported by a cliff. Atop the tree is a secret base, accessible by a ladder made out of vines along the tree’s trunk. This is the secret base of an aspiring Pokemon trainer named Gary.

The base is entrenched within the branches of this large oak tree, and an observation deck allows visitors to have a breathtaking view from above not only the Starline Waterfall, but the rest of the Cloud Garden below. Inside the base is Gary’s own personal aquarium which doubles as both a home for all of Gary’s aquatic Pokemon as well a place to practice scuba diving and study marine biology. Additionally, a furnished living room, kitchen, guest room, and master bedroom completes Gary’s home away from home, providing rest when he isn’t off on his travels.


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