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★ Starlight Summit ★

Missingno. Master

Upon your offer, the Mime Jr. perks up considerably, looking quite pleased at your acceptance.

"Great!" he cheered, still sniffing a bit, "The last place I had it was over by that cave," he pointed to a cave not too far away, "but it... well it seemed to fly off somewhere in it and I don't know where it ended up! I would go in myself, but it's rather scary and dark... there's that Pokémon blocking the way."

Just over a nearby rock is an indent in the side of the mountain that dips into the darkness, rays of the sun barely even touching it. Right at its mouth, there is the Pokémon Mime Jr. referred to, in fact blocking the way. The Pokémon is large and somewhat round, with a blue coat and arms and legs pulled in tight. From this distance, it looks much more like a statue than anything else. It seems to be stern and unmoving, and doesn't even appear to be breathing.

"When I tried to go in, that Pokémon would just block my path. I tried to move it out of the way, but it released a big burst of fire when it did and it scared me so much!" Mime Jr. explains, "I tried to talk to it too, but it didn't respond... It seems to be meditating or something..."

The problem seems fairly clear cut, but the solution is much less clear. The little Mime, however, seems eager for your help... what will you do?

♨ Bubbling Beach ♨


"Thank you so much!" the bolder of the Seel pair responds as the team heads through the dunes and towards the hot springs.

You follow a narrow path between a few towering hills of sand off the beach, and it doesn't take long to see why they call it the Bubbling Beach. Numerous tiers of hot springs are scattered across the area, all giving off rolling steam. Even in the open air, the haze of steam gathers fairly thick, pushed around by the salty sea breeze. There are quite a number of hot springs to search; this could take a while!

Mercifully, though, your search is over nearly as soon as it started, as only a few moments after coming across the springs, a colorful flash bursts into the air! The beach ball can be clearly seen being popped into the air and sinking back down again, not too far from where the group stands. As you approach, you find a pair of Poliwhirl, sitting in the hot spring and having quite a fun time with the ball, slapping it back and forth with their wide, mitten-like hands, croaking and chortling as they bat the ball between themselves. The duo seem to be enjoying themselves quite a bit with their newfound toy, though it doesn't take long to notice that the ball is looking to be a bit worse for the wear, between the attempted popping and the heat of the springs wearing on its vinyl exterior. It might be best to retrieve the ball before too long before it becomes a soggy plastic pancake, which would be no fun for anyone!

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