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Gary climbed up the netting of what was a giant mangrove tree set on the far edge of Le Marais Noir, otherwise known as the Black Marsh. He was already about to set out on an expedition here in this area called ‘Where the Mangroves Gather’ so he thought it would be worthwhile to take Tate’s offer and visit in this secret base. He hadn’t known Tate for very long, but Gary had learned before that the two of them had both lived in Azalea Town; just at different times.

Reaching the top of the netting, Gary gazed into the foyer. “Hello, it’s Gary,” he called out, not wanting to intrude unannounced. Looking around, he could see various different rooms down the number of hallways. There was a lot of birdwatching equipment and even a giant aviary for bird Pokemon, he noticed. We’re really not all that different, Gary thought to himself. Although he knew relatively little about bird species, at least ones that didn’t live predominately in the water, he could relate to that scientific passion to study an entire ecosystem of wildlife.

In fact, the aviary and the birdwatching equipment made him think back to his own secret base; equipped with a large aquarium for all of the species of water Pokemon that he was partnered with. He had even put his Pokemon adventure in Fizzytopia on hold so he could go study marine biology in Unova. Gary then snapped out of it, his thoughts returning to the present. He hoped someone was around so he didn’t come all this way for nothing.
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