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Withering Woods - Sitting just past where the island's volcanic rain shadow catches the clouds between the north and east docks is a temperate forest with towering trees atop jagged and uneven ground. Much drier (and darker) than its cousin to the south, this forest is a bit more mysterious. The plants here seem a bit more sinister, with some exotic species of flowers that ooze venomous sap tangled among the trunks. It tends to attract shadier types, particularly Poison and Dark Pokémon, who rather favor its shadowy nooks and toxic vegetation. Please use forestgreen.
This was a pairing destined for failure. Thorn, a Cacturne who was more of a greedy trickster than a team player, Buru, a Smeargle who was too shy and reserved to ever consider voicing her opinion, and Lynxa, a Sneasel who was too moody and untrusting to get along with anyone. However, this was the team Gary assembled to send off on an adventure to Incognito Isle. It would serve as a ‘bonding exercise,’ he said, and it would give Lynxa some time to get accustomed to her new teammates.

There they stood, at the entrance of the Withering Woods. Being the eldest and the strongest, Gary had entrusted Thorn with the duty of protecting the other two, but he was a wildcard; Thorn’s focus right off the bat was looking around to see what kinds of stuff he could steal. Because of that, he gladly wore the bag over his shoulder like a satchel. He only put the slightest of effort into not getting separated from the other two out of respect for his trainer.

Buru nervously shuffled her feet and held up a small sketch pad. She wasn’t too interested in this expedition, but she trusted Gary’s words that she could use this as an opportunity to break out of her shell a bit. It was hard though, as she simply stared down at the blank canvas, thinking only about what to draw.

Lynxa crossed her arms and rolled her eyes as she looked at the Cacturne and Smeargle. While she did owe a debt of gratitude to the one who pulled her out of the kennel, she was being immediately thrust into some dark woods with two Pokemon she never even met before. She didn’t plan on playing nice with them, but the least she could do was not get separated.

As the three of them made their way into the Withering Woods, not a word was spoken.
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