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Sandaa: As soon as you give the OK, the kids immediately rush Aero. The boy in yellow takes a seat in front of Aero's head and starts petting his head and mumbling to himself. You try to listen in, but he's talking so softly that all you can catch is "Good Mantine. You swim so good..." The group's Marill seems to be particularly attached to this boy. They sit down next to the boy as well, pushing and nuzzling into his side. You can tell they're obviously trying to get his attention, but the boy seems almost entranced by Aero's rough skin. The girl in pink wades into the water a bit and stands behind Aero, trying to get onto his back. Aero looks uncomfortable, to say the least. You can hear the girl quietly make noise too, making vroom noises. Her hand motions as she stands in the water, her stomach on the back half of Aero, show her piloting Aero across the sea like a car. The thought occurs to you - Aero definitely deserves something for putting up with this mess.

But, the girl in yellow seems much more relaxed. She takes a seat much like her match, sitting next to Aero's wing. She listens intently to you. Her friends have not been doing the same, clearly too distracted with your Mantine. As you talk and gesture to Aero's back, she rubs it gently. It's obvious to you she's trying as hard as she can not to hurt him, and as she touches his back, she flinches a little bit. When you mention sharks, she turns to you and her eyes light up. "Sharks? Like Sharpedo?" She says, mouth wide with excitement. "My dad has one of those! He used to be a trainer, and he's really good! He doesn't let me pet the Sharpedo, though." The girl looks at the ground with her last sentence.

The girl in pink pushes off of Aero with a bit too much force. You hear the Mantine beneath her grunt a little bit. "Yeah! Uncle Bill is so strong! He always beats my dad whenever they battle." She spits out, running over to her cousin, who immediately asks: "Do you think you could beat my dad? He's a really, super good battler. He hasn't battled much in a while, but he's got like, 6 badges from the Hoenn league!" With the gauntlet thrown down by these kids on behalf of their family, what will you do?
The boy and the girl in pink didn’t seem too interested in Gary’s lecture, opting to roughhouse with Aero a bit while the Marill looked on in jealousy. Gary sheepishly bit his lip and looked at his Mantine with an apologetic expression, making a mental note to make it up to the manta ray later. Meanwhile, he did have an audience of one at least. The girl in yellow patiently listened to his Mantine trivia while she pet Aero much more gently than the other two.

When Gary mentioned that Aero was a member of the sharks and rays family, the children turned the conversation to their uncle, who was a tough trainer long ago with his Sharpedo. The girl in yellow seemed disappointed that her father had never let her pet the shark. “I’m sure your father has a good reason,” Gary answered, “But Sharpedo have been known to be tough Pokemon to handle. I’m sure he just doesn’t want you to get hurt. Unlike Sharpedos, Aero here isn’t a meat eater. He feeds on plankton and doesn’t need sharp teeth to bite his food.”

The girl in pink then began to list off her uncle’s achievements as a trainer, asking Gary if he thinks he would win in a battle. “Wow, that’s really impressive!” Gary answered, not wanting to upset the children, “I don’t know if I could win then; your uncle sounds really tough.” While Aero was still pretty young and inexperienced in combat, Gary was pretty confident in a lot of his other Pokemon’s abilities. However, he wasn’t crazy about getting roped into a kids’ challenge. He was more interested in learning about the species of marine life that inhabit the islands, and maybe finding out more from the locals would be a good step in that direction. “What does your uncle do for a living? Is he a fisherman?”
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