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That's a lot of updates.

Alright guys, here they are! Thanks for your patience~ xD

Stepping into the thick of the Cloud Forest, Hiero couldn’t help but be taken in by the sheer beauty of the landscape. Massive trees, standing tall and proud like skyscrapers, surrounded him making him almost feel small and insignificant in comparison. It was a tranquil kind of quiet as Hiero wandered down the slightly noticeable path; only the sounds of a gentle breeze rustling the leaves above, a few birds chirping, and the occasional bug noises filled the air.

Opting to sightsee various wild Pokemon in their natural habitat, Hiero slowly but surely began to spot and recognize several different species of Pokemon along the way. A lone Weedle inched its way up a tree. A patch of grassy Oddish leaves grew out of the dirt while the bodies rested underground. A nest of Taillow chirped up in the threes. For the most part, these species were all fairly common and the Pokemon appeared to be comfortably at home.

It was a few moments later that Hiero heard a new sound. A scratching noise, coming from the trees up ahead. Heading in that direction, he spotted a large blue shell in the near distance. It was a Heracross, scratching bark off a tree with its large elaborate horn so it could suck on the sap beneath. It didn’t seem fazed by Hiero’s presence, focused on its meal instead. With its natural defenses, this beetle had little to fear in this environment. It was up to Hiero now, whether he wanted to get closer or not.

Lucas had entered the Cloud Garden with a goal in mind; find a suitable location to house a Secret Base for his friend Jeri in exchange for borrowing his Pokemon as travel companions. He had intended on exploring forests, rivers, and cliff sides, but before he set out on his journey he heard something in the village that piqued his interest. Hailing from the exquisite and eccentric region of Kalos, the notion of visiting the Cloud Garden’s Rose Garden was too big to pass up.

As he set off down the path, vibrant flowers lined the road. The sweet smell and inviting colors all pointed in the same direction. Like a moth to a flame, Lucas couldn’t help but feel drawn in by the pleasing fragrance in the air. With the garden in sight up ahead, he could spot a number of structures covered in lush vines and surrounded by neatly trimmed hedges. Arriving at his destination, Lucas could see that this was no Parfum Palace, but it had its own beautiful charm.

While it was called the Rose Garden, there was a large variety of flowers planted in different flower beds across the garden. The main attraction were the aptly named roses of course, but a bountiful display of hydrangeas, tulips, lilies, and many more flowers decorated the vast expanse of the garden. As Lucas looked around, he began to notice that flora was not the only kind of life that existed here. Several species of Butterfree, Beautifly, and Vivillon fluttered around in the distance, while Combee worked hard to make sure the flowers were all pollinated. He then noticed a patch of Sunflora, all gazing upward to soak in the sunlight, with a few Sunkern saplings below them. However, one of the buds seemed off. Upon closer inspection, it was a Budew what was seemingly in the wrong flower bed. It appeared small and frail, as if it wasn’t getting enough sunlight.

Jade and Bridget made their way through the forest that encircled Mt. Zephyria’s feet like a blanket. Bridget had expressed interest in making it to bigger and better places up the mountain in order to prove her determination, and in order to do so, the first step was to make it up the Starline Falls. The overflow of this massive waterfall rested nearby an ancient temple known as the Stone Shrine. As the pair made their way towards the shrine, it was actually the massive falls cascading down the mountainside in the distance that they were able to spot first.

While they were still in the forest, the trees had thinned out a bit and the road became quite rocky. Many boulders were scattered around the area, having tumbled down from the cliffs above. That was when they saw it; a large red wooden archway, or a Torii gate as they are called in Japanese architecture. Beyond the archway led a neatly paved and neatly swept stone pathway which was accompanied by a series of eight large stone lanterns, four on each side. Beyond that sat an ornate building made out of stone and wood with a sloped triangular roof and steps that led up to the doorway.

As Jade and Bridget passed through the Torii, the atmosphere changed drastically; while there wasn’t anything physically different, there was almost a supernatural sense that they had stepped into a different era. They began to walk down the stone pathway in their approach towards the shrine, when all of a sudden something leapt out from behind one of the stone lanterns. Much like Bridget, it was another small green bipedal reptile. “Larv!” it called out, making its best effort to startle the travelers before turning around and sprinting for the shrine.

Continuing their way towards the shrine, Jade noticed two stone pedestals on either side of the shrine’s entryway staircase. On both pedestals rested two dog-like statues. Upon closer inspection, they appeared to be actual living Pokemon, the brown one fixating its gaze on the newcomers intently while the red one laid there with its eyes closed but ears perked. A young woman stood at the base of the stairs in a traditional shrine maiden hakama with a broom in her hand. Behind her crouched the Larvitar from before, chuckling to itself mischievously.

“You’ll have to forgive this little one,” the girl greeted with a gentle smile, “He’s a bit of a troublemaker.” She looked down to see the look on Bridget’s face, one that showed determination to not be bested by her contemporary. “It would seem he has also gained a rival,” she continued, politely covering her mouth to giggle. “Welcome to the Stone Shrine. I am Ishi Madoka, and if you wish to travel up the falls, I am one of the two trial leaders you must clear to gain permission. There are two options for my challenge; during the daytime or in the darkness of night.”

Spotting the helpless Teddiursa up in the tree and the menacing bird that circled above, it wasn’t hard for Elka to put two and two together. Feeling pity for the poor chubby cub, she decided that it was best to defend it and give it a second chance at life. Elka called upon the assistance of her young Skitty, Mochi, to help out with this battle. She ordered the Skitty to unleash a Thunderbolt and get a jump on the bird, hopefully frying it in the process.

Mochi mewed obediently and prepared herself for battle. She cried out as electricity crackled in her mouth, unleashing a blast of a Thunderbolt upwards towards the circling predator. The blast wasn’t a direct hit, but it did seem to graze the bird, who cawed out angrily and turned its attention to the new target. Then, without warning, the bird stopped circling and suddenly dive-bombed the group. It began spinning rapidly like a corkscrew in a flurry of brown feathers lead by its vanguard of a long pointed beak.

Like a battering ram, the bird hit the ground, its Drill Run attack missing Mochi by about a foot. A good thing too, because from that altitude that attack could have seriously injured anyone, no matter who the target was. As the bird pulled its beak from the earth, Elka was finally able to get a closer look at it. A long, sharp red beak and pointy crown sat on a head above a slender neck and a great brown wingspan. The Fearow glared at Mochi angrily, letting out another loud caw. Its piercing gaze Leered at the Skitty, while the head cocked itself back, about to unleash a flurry of Fury Attacks.

Patches panted as she chased after her Pokemon who sprinted ahead to see what the commotion was. Upon arrival, it took her a few moments to register that these two adorable cub Pokemon were having a squabble where the Pancham was physically bullying the young Stufful. However, Mio the Pikachu decided to take control of the situation and leapt into the fray to try and play mediator. She quickly ran up to the Pancham, telling it in her own Pokemon language that it was time to Play Nice and stop being so mean to the Stufful.

The Pancham was taken aback, confused by the sudden newcomers, but putting up its best front, it grumpily Leered at Mio. “Cham! Cham!” it retorted in its own language, stepping forward and pushing Mio back with a series of three Arm Thrusts. In his best effort to assist his teammate, Kei the Charmander joined the battle and blew out a Smokescreen, hoping that the lack of visibility would deescalate the situation.

Unfortunately for Kei, his entrance to the skirmish seemed to intimidate the Stufful, who was under the impression that even more Pokemon came to fight it. In an act of self-defense, it Tackled Kei from the side, knocking the Charmander over. The look in its eye showed that Stufful wasn’t going to back down in this fight-over-flight stance and the battle had turned into a three-way battle royal. The Pancham began to Leer at Mio once again before it prepared to use another Arm Thrust while the Stufful Leered at Kei and began to Bide its time.

As he wandered through the Cloud Forest with a Pokemon he wasn’t sure was real, Muyo questioned whether or not he was really back in the Cloud Garden, a place he was sure he would never return to. Much like the name of the forest he was in, Muyo’s mind was clouded, a feeling left behind by the old regime of Fizzytopia. It had been said that the old rulers often ground up Amoonguss spores in the recipe of their candy distribution, but that was a story for another day.

DeKlars the Dhelmise continued to think up ways to assert its actual existence to its trainer, who was still busy contemplating whether or not he really was back in the Cloud Garden. The trees of the Cloud Forest stood tall and proud, just as they had all those years ago, while a nest of Pidove chicks chirped in the branches above, a premonition of a brighter future for the next generation. This daydream-like state carried on for a short while until Muyo was suddenly snapped out of it by a loud “THWAP!” sound.

Looking ahead up the path, Muyo spotted a small clearing in the forest, where a bird with reddish feathers was whacking away at a tree trunk, using a long leek in a sort of Kendo stance. “What the duck is going on here,” he wondered to himself, observing the unusual Pokemon. The Farfetch’d was most certainly abnormal; its plumage much redder in color than a normal one with the three crown feathers on its head an even darker red than that. There was also a cross-shaped scar on its cheek, right next to its bill. The leek in its wing had an unusual appearance as well; the sprout seemingly upside-down as if it were a reverse-leaf leek.

Muyo heard the crunching of footsteps coming up from behind him. It was a burly lumberjack with a thick red beard and all of the traditional clothes you would expect. “Greetings there, m’name’s Samuel,” he greeted, extending his hand, “Looks like you’ve found the rurouni Farfetch’d. We call him Kennegi. Rumor has it that he was defeated pretty badly higher up the mountain, so he’s come down here to train. Ever since then he’s been looking for sparring partners in order to hone his skill and get his revenge.” As if on cue, the Farfetch’d turned to face the two trainers, looking at them expectantly. It was up to Muyo whether or not he wanted to accept this challenge.

As the Munna panicked and struggled with the fat little branch, ABL tried to calm it down by offering to listen to its concern and help in any way she could. The Munna let out a deep breath and nodded, stamping on the grass next to the tree. Understanding the indication that Munna wanted her to sit down against the tree, ABL and Daffodil complied, resting their backs against the trunk. Now that they were ready, Munna inhaled deeply once again, and let out a soothing Yawn.

ABL was a little confused at first, but as the saying goes, yawns are contagious. She and Daffodil couldn’t help but yawning themselves afterwards, and soon enough, their eyelids got heavier and heavier. Before they could even react, they had dozed off, resting peacefully against the tree.

Looking around, ABL found herself in a dream-like state. Daffodil was there too, almost as if they were both sharing the same dream. In the next moment, Munna appeared next to them. She seemed to be concentrating hard, as the background and various objects seemed to swirl into existence. There was no doubt that Munna was controlling this dream, and the two of them were along for the ride to watch the scene play out.

In Munna’s dream sequence, ABL could spot a small blueish-gray creature lying on a tree branch. It had fluffy ears and a big black nose. The little creature was fast asleep, but it appeared to be in severe discomfort. Almost as if it were sleepwalking, the creature tossed and turned, reaching its arms out as if it were missing something very important to it. Continuing its sleepwalk, the creature climbed down from the tree and wandered off, until it was completely gone from the picture.

The dream continued, and it showed Munna looking for a log, similar to the one Daffodil tripped on. She tried pushing it along the grass, but then she found another log. And another, followed by two more after that. Soon enough there was a giant pile of logs, and the right one was in there like a needle in a haystack. Munna must be conflicted about which one was the right one.

With that, the dream came to an end much like a bubble’s existence ends with a pop. Munna ate the rest of the dream in order to wake the trainer and the Mareep up as they roused themselves to find Munna staring up at them with a worried apprehension in her eyes. Munna must be quite worried about her friend and is asking if ABL would be willing to help.
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