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The rumors had appeared to be true. The Black Marsh was normally shrouded in darkness, an often dreary and perhaps even uninviting environment to many. The Sacred Swamp of Celebi was different, though - vastly different. As you had heard, life here was sprawling and plentiful. Lush greens, pure waters, and clear skies brought a warm, inner peace to all who entered Celebi’s domain, all of which was vast and abundant here in the sacred swamp.

As you and Meowth wandered down a makeshift pathway through the exuberant woodland, intent on paying your respects to the legend who once lent you assistance, you couldn’t help but notice something odd that stood out to you. Nature here was lively and sprawling - in fact, this was possibly one of the most euphoric and vibrant forests you had ever seen. So, why then, had you found yourself staring at dozens upon dozens of dead, wilted flowers? In fact, the more you analyzed them, the more you realized that it appeared to be spreading to other flowers as well.

The scene seemed like a visual oxymoron. All around you was a bountifully vegetated landscape… although, now that you thought about it, where were all of the Pokemon? Forest life such as this should be overwhelmingly crawling with creatures, should it not? Both you and Meowth seemed both puzzled and troubled by this. It might be best to find the locals and see if perhaps they had any answers as to what might be going on - this was all under Celebi’s protection... right?
Keith headed down the pathway, if indeed it could be called a pathway, happily looking forward to seeing what this sacred swamp of Celebi looked like. And indeed, the scenery was already starting to change, but to Keith's mild surprise, the change was... not what he was expecting, to say the least. "Uh... Meowth?" Keith asked.

"Yes, Keith?" said Meowth, also eyeing the unusual changes in scenery.

"The, uh... the flowers around here... is it just me, or do they look kinda... sorta... dead?" Indeed, far from the vibrant, lush floral setting he'd had in mind, the flowers looked as dead and wilted as every flower Keith had ever received from his Garbodor.

"It ain't just youse," Meowth shook his head. "Dis looks weird fer a place dat's supposed ta be protected by Celebi."

"You're telling me," Keith agreed. "I haven't seen this many dead flowers since Strychnine tried her hand at gardening," he added, recalling his Muk's disastrous attempt at growing flowers.

"And it looks like it's spreadin' to the other flowers," Meowth noted. "Watever dis is, it's gettin' worse."

"Yeesh, you're right... Y'know what, we should seek out the locals," Keith decided. "See if they got any idea what's going on. At the very least they'll have a better idea than we do."

"I'd bet, seein' as we ain't got no idea at all," Meowth agreed as Keith continued onward. Something was clearly very wrong here, and they intended to find out just what. Besides, if it was something Celebi needed help with, there'd be a perfect way to repay her right there, right?

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