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Tate slipped the disc into the PokéGear's drive slot. "DAZZLING GLEAM" scrolled across the screen in large block type. Flicking a finger across the touch screen repeatedly, Tate scanned the detailed instructions for something applicable to bird Pokémon.

"Let's see... iridescence? Oh-" Tate grunted, looking up. "Huh. It's true that most birds have at least some iridescence in their feathers. You're not the flashiest thing I've ever seen, but not the drabbest either. Okay!"

Tate nudged the plumb bird with the toe of a closed sandal, urging her to move to a more well-lit area of the Aviary. Kauka obliged easily, unsure of why her trainer didn't think she was a flashy bird. Couldn't Tate see she was an extravagantly colored creature, fit to rival the sun itself? Well, okay, perhaps not the sun, but at the very least, the sun's eclipse! The trainer really was blind; those glasses weren't just for show at all.

Repositioned under the sunroof, and only a few feet from the precipice of the drop in the center of the room, Kauka flapped her short wings, eager to begin this exercise. In the corner, Uhane was practicing her own new move, and was becoming proficient enough to mostly avoid electrocuting herself. There were singe marks on the floor in the near vicinity of her person. This was so exciting! Tate clapped, marking the beginning of Kauka's lesson.

"It says to focus the light on your feathers, and use the iridescent properties to direct a Dazzling Gleam at your opponent," Tate explained, skimming the instructions on the PokéGear. "Try it on me, Kauka."

Kauka grunted eagerly, hardly needing to me told twice. She ruffled her feathers up, in order to maximize the surface area, and concentrated, trying to find the perfect angle for the light to strike her body. There was a glint -- a bright one -- and Tate yelped and fell backwards, overwhelmed by light. In fact, the trainer damn near fell through the vast hole meant for the birds! Adrenaline peaking, Tate scrambled away from certain death, falling into one of the nests instead. Kauka made a noise of concern, and ran to her trainer, making a serious of frantic rattling noises as she tries to determine of Tate was alright.

"That was-... good," Tate whimpered, rubbing both eyes with two closed fists. They stung, as did most of the trainer's body. "You're a quick learner. M-maybe-... go practice with Uhane-?"

Kauka rasped and futtered her wings in acknowledgement. She leaned forward, and nipped her trainer's shirt collar affectionately, before hopping out of the nest, and trotting away to join Uhane. Having watched the mishap happen, the Rowlet shook her head emphatically as her teammate approached, wanting no part of this. Tate sat up, downy feathers from the nest clinging to brown hair. Still reeling, the foolish naturalist didn't have the wherewithal to even question how the young Vullaby had the skill to acquire such relative mastery over a move so distinctly counter-intuitive to her nature as a Dark-type. Then again, there were a great many things that escaped Tate's cognition; what was one more? Standing, Tate gathered up the spend discs and the envelopes they had come in, and carried them into the office to dispose of them in the wastepaper basket.
Used TM Dazzling Gleam on Kauka the Vullaby! Kauka learned Dazzling Gleam!

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