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Arena has been changed to Graveyard due to that being a little less in the favor of Ghosts, although it still is to an extent.

Ty for reffing Snorby and have fun kerbstomping me Sneaze.

Bringing Reaper's Token and Nightstalker's Token

Misfortune -Level 4 Male Trevenant
Token Attached: Reaper's Token
Hidden Power - Fire
Bio: "It's a long dark road, leads to me where I'm going"
Misfortune befalls those who are not expecting it. Misfortune is the unexpected, as for whether it is good or bad depends on the individual's point of view. Misfortune strikes not once nor twice but as many times as it will so desire at the time. Misfortune is also a Ghost/Grass with big ideas and ways of making his opponent scream and beg for mercy.
Signature Attack: Gentle Hum (Ghost)
Using Heavy energy, Misfortune starts humming which sends Ghost energy billowing throughout the arena. Any Pokemon which hear this will find it difficult to move due to being locked up by physical paralysis, this paralysis will affect Electric types as well. Misfortune can use this twice per battle and has forgotten how to use Forest's Curse and Curse as these moves are viewed as not giving the opponent enough misfortune.

Haze - Level 4 Female Drifblim
Hidden Power - Bug
Bio: "I’ve never found a border round the ghost town"
As a Drifloon, Haze is often mistaken for a kidnapper and a murderer of children yet she laughs off these comments as she is something a bit more sinister in that she creates balloons to give to people. Doesn't sound sinister, does it? Well, you see, Haze has a special set of skills via which these balloons go 'pop!' and crap happens to whoever the balloons are attached to. Still not scary? Well, if I were you I'd think twice about accepting a gift from this female ghost.
Special Attack - Carnival Balloons! (Various)
Using Significant energy, Haze can create two types of balloons which she places onto her opponents by her ghostly magic which picks up a wind and blows the balloons towards her opponent. Then, via some kind of ghostly magnetism, they explode for Significant damage, these balloons are different in colour and type therefore must be ordered as Colour!Balloon. Haze has given up the moves Captivate, Attract and Return as these attacks do not suit her style of battling. The balloons have different usage limits, with Cyan being unlimited (due to being Flying type and lacking any effects) and Brown being limited to two uses. Only the Brown balloon has an additional effect and is as follows: Brown (Ground) - Has a 20% chance for mud to burst out and get into the opponent's eyes, reducing their vision as a result.

Spook - Level 4 Female Sableye
Token attached: Nightstalker's Token
Hidden Power: Water
Bio: Spook definitely enjoys spooking others, especially when that spooking involves draining vitality from them. Nutritious and delicious vitatlity.
Signature Move - Spoopy Seed (GH)
The user charges Considerable energy and fires a ball of ghostly energies onto the target which releases ghostly hands that drain energy from the target. These hands are rather thick and can snare the foe, and will plant themselves in the ground if the ground is soft. Each round the hands will sap light energy from the target and restore an equal amount to the user. The hands can be easily uprooted, but they are somewhat difficult to break and can restrict movement somewhat, but are vulnerable to Dark and slashing attacks.

Mortality - Level 4 Female Mimikyu
Hidden Power: Grass
Bio: Mortality is what we all have, whether it be bad or not. And hell, we're all rocking it one way or another and maybe even earthquaking it.
Signature Training - Boring sig
Mortality can now use Earthquake and has enough off-type for two uses.

Abyss - Level 4 Male Jellicent
Bio: As one who has several weaknesses, Abyss has always tried to do literally anything about it. He finally has a way now though, due to his newly found fear of bugs and just what they can do.
Signature Training: The Abyss? I am it.
Abyss is now neutral to Ghost while also becoming neutral to Bug. He also forgot how to use Sludge Wave and Night Shade.

Void - Level 4 Male Dusclops
TL4/B Ref
WF Updater
FB - Chiko
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