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The place known as ‘where the mangroves gather’ was dreary and foreboding. You could see why it was ill-advised for anyone but strong trainers to come to this place. Only the most seasoned of adventurers would be able to navigate murky depths such as these.

Shuri darted between mangroves, scouting up ahead, and sometimes disappearing briefly before returning to your side and doubling back around. The sounds of Murkrow and Honchkrow could be heard cawing mischievously in the distance, surely seeking to draw out any easy prey for a late afternoon snack. Occasionally, what appeared to be burrows could be seen underneath deep-rooted mangroves, possibly once housing Sevipers or Ekans - maybe even some Stunky.

You continued to walk forward, deeper into the swampland, occasionally wading into thick knee-high water, hoping to find the sort of Pokemon life this area played host to and to get the chance to study the species who lived here, thriving in their natural habitats.

You began to zone in and out a bit from the backwater trek, when suddenly Shuri appeared in front of you full stop, trying to get your attention - and it worked. The Ninjask zoomed backward, its eyes still fixated on you, hesitating momentarily between a few decaying mangroves. You slowly made your way through the overgrowth of the swampland and over to the treeline where Shuri was waiting, only to see exactly what she had found: A man, laying atop a small pile of broken branches and a mound of mud, unconscious and barely breathing.

Missingno. Master:

The rumors had appeared to be true. The Black Marsh was normally shrouded in darkness, an often dreary and perhaps even uninviting environment to many. The Sacred Swamp of Celebi was different, though - vastly different. As you had heard, life here was sprawling and plentiful. Lush greens, pure waters, and clear skies brought a warm, inner peace to all who entered Celebi’s domain, all of which was vast and abundant here in the sacred swamp.

As you and Meowth wandered down a makeshift pathway through the exuberant woodland, intent on paying your respects to the legend who once lent you assistance, you couldn’t help but notice something odd that stood out to you. Nature here was lively and sprawling - in fact, this was possibly one of the most euphoric and vibrant forests you had ever seen. So, why then, had you found yourself staring at dozens upon dozens of dead, wilted flowers? In fact, the more you analyzed them, the more you realized that it appeared to be spreading to other flowers as well.

The scene seemed like a visual oxymoron. All around you was a bountifully vegetated landscape… although, now that you thought about it, where were all of the Pokemon? Forest life such as this should be overwhelmingly crawling with creatures, should it not? Both you and Meowth seemed both puzzled and troubled by this. It might be best to find the locals and see if perhaps they had any answers as to what might be going on - this was all under Celebi’s protection... right?


The mansion had not aged well, and this became immediately apparent as soon as you stepped inside of the old chateau. Chipped paint was peeling from walls and ceilings in large quantities. Broken floorboards lined the entryway. Cobwebs dangled from the ceilings, threatening to latch onto the face of any potential careless adventurers.

For a moment, Pouli followed a few paces behind its trainer, uncertain of the decrepit old mansion and what was inside, before puffing her chest bravely and quickly catching up. She walked alongside you in lockstep as the two of you made your way inward through what must have once served as a welcoming area.

The Houndour seemed a bit worried. Perhaps something among the musty, stale scent that filled the mansion caught her attention or seemed off. It was hard to say.

The two of you began making your way through the entryway, noting that not only was the place in complete shambles, but that, save a few still-hanging portraits, the facility had been picked clean of all possessions and belongings that may have once been left behind. Nothing really seemed to immediately stand out as you -


Darkness. Total and complete all consuming darkness. Well, mostly, save for the beam of light that trickled in from above, left by the hole you created when you fell through the floor. You probably should have been paying closer attention to the cracked floorboards... but it didn't matter now. That’s all you could comprehend as you opened your eyes, your Houndour having woken you from licking your face worriedly. You needed a moment to collect yourself, and maybe to make sure nothing was broken. How far had you fallen, anyway? Ten, maybe fifteen feet? Thankfully, wherever it was you were now, the floor appeared to be far more solid. Unfortunately, adapting to the situation at hand looked like it was going to be a bit of a chore, and it seemed as though you were now stuck in the mansion for the long haul. Without any immediately apparent way to guide you through the darkness of… wherever you were, it looked like you were going to have to do a bit of deliberating for your next course of action.

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