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Bubbling Beach - On the coast between the southern and western dock is a sunny beach with pristine white sands and crashing waves - ideal for a summery vacation! But, this beach has more than just sun and fun; it's the ideal relaxation spot. Just beyond the dunes are a number of volcanic hot springs that overlook the sparkling seas. Despite their rather opposed nature, both Water and Fire Pokémon gather here to take full advantage of the mineral-rich (and slightly salty) springs. Some hotter Pokémon even enjoy the pools of bubbling magma interspersed with the watery ones! Please use deepskyblue.
(Morgana) ~❤~ (Mochi)

Morgana had been itching for an adventure since he had hatched from his egg. Amazingly enough, incognito isle gave him the ability to do just that, escape from the unfortunate circumstances of his own trainer and go out on his own. However, this was most certainly not what he desired. His trainer had forced one of the newer recruits, a young pink cat, to come along with him. She was innocent, not yet jaded by the horrors of the world. Morgana knew them all too well, looking at their trainer was a grim reminder of how cruel the world could truly be.

"Morgie!~" Morgana was roused from his own thoughts by that sickeningly sweet mewl from his female companion. He glanced over at her, seeing a cheeky grin across her closed eye face. "What are we here for again Morgie?" She asked, glancing at the slightly older tomcat. He hated that nickname, but he certainly did not want to burst the younger cat's bubble. He hated offending people, specifically girls. He gave a false smile, faint on his mouth.

"Well... Pascal would've come, but he has to stay with Lady Elka. We're here to maybe find a stone for him to evolve with." He explained, calmly and as slowly as possible for the young child to understand. She titled her head slightly, glancing up at Morgana as the two continued their walk.

"Evolve..? Like... change, right?" She asked, looking at him again. Morgana nodded, maybe this child was smarter than he was giving her credit for. "Oh! Right! He needs one of those stones, right? I think I do too!" Morgana chuckled to himself, she was kind of cute when she was actually thinking about things.

"Yeah! Maybe after this trip, our master will send us elsewhere so we can find a stone for you." He smiled with compassion, he felt like he was beginning to understand her a little better now that the two of them had actually began talking. The two trotted down the beach, continuing their conversation while they left trails of footprints in the sand behind them. Morgana was curious what awaited them on the beach, he just hoped that they wouldn't have to get wet. He absolutely despised water.

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