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Red Beach: A beach encompassing a massive inlet to the island, most tourists spend their time in the gentle tides and bright sun here. Any wild Pokemon are often nervous of the recent influx of people, and tend to stick to the deepest part of the waters or have fled to the outskirts of the beach. Minnao protesters can sometimes be found here protecting natural Pokemon habitats. Please respond in indianred. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.
Melody let out a very long and very loud sigh, pulling her hair back into a rough ponytail. She cracked her neck and readjusted her sunglasses. She had just come off a very stressful rehearsal, the choreographer had been a complete dick to her the whole damn session. She didn’t care if he thought that she was missing a cue or two, she had been a touch more concerned with making sure that she sounded like she could actually sing while dancing faster than a someone coked up on X Speed. Nevertheless, the session had ended with a lot of yelling, and now Melody was carrying all that tension on her neck.

And she knew one of the best ways to deal with tension like that was to go to the beach. The sun, the sand, the waves, the hot dudes in very little clothing. Really it was one of the best ways that she could think to help relax and unwind. And that’s how she found herself at the Red Beach in the Minnao Isles. Melody hadn’t been there before but had been given some nice recommendations that she should give it a go. Dressed in a flattering bikini, a pale rainbow sarong tied around her waist, Melody was ready to test out the waters… both figuratively and literally.

Two small pokemon bumped into her legs, reminding Melody of the other reason she had decided to come to the beach. She had been really busy as of late, and was feeling rather guilty that she hadn’t spent enough time with Rompette and Speaker, the Bounsweet and Whismur relatively new additions to her team, and she felt that the beach was a good way to bond.

“Hey guys,” she said, squatting down. “You ready to have some fun?”

Both of the pokemon let out cries of agreement, naturally Speaker’s was a touch louder, and Melody smiled. This was gonna be fun, she just had that feeling in her bones.
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