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"Alright, you two!" Tate enthused. The sound of the trainer's hands clapping once echoed through the vast and largely empty Aviary. Kauka stood at attention, the gesture exaggerated. Uhane merely stood. Tate towered over them, grinning brightly, two small paper envelopes held in one hand. "I have a treat for the two of you, today!"

Kauka hissed and flapped her stubby little wings, the sound rattly and joyous. Uhane remained silent, a calm and seemingly disinterested look to her features. Tate leaned down, and tucked one of the envelopes into the front of the skull which Kauka used to gird her loins.

"Hold this for me," Tate requested, though it was more a statement than a question. Opening the other envelope, Tate withdrew a miniature disc, and slid it into the drive of the PokéGear which was ever-present on a freckled, sun-worn wrist. Immediately, the screen lit up, "THUNDERBOLT" printed on it in bright, bold block type. Tate began to flip through the instructions on the touch screen.

"Let's see... Flying-type... bird... bird... bird... aha! Uhane!"

The Rowlet snapped to attention, startled by hearing her name so suddenly barked. She looked up at her trainer, wide-eyed, to find Tate staring back with a wild-eyed grin, eyes glinting madly behind thick glasses. Though she had a typically calm nature, the sight unnerved her somewhat.

"It says to generate static electricity by rapidly rubbing your feathers together," Tate said. Uhane cocked her head, bewildered by this line of conversation. Another clap. Uhane jumped. Tate picked her up, and kissed her forehead. "Come on, baby, give it a try."

Still bewildered as she was returned to the floor, Uhane simply did as she was told, tensing all the muscles in her body and frantically rubbing her plumage against itself. She felt ridiculous. Tate clapped some more, clearly excited. Uhane could feel something building up in her down undercoat; it felt like when the weather changed. It got worse, and worse, and then --


There was an explosion. At least, it felt like an explosion. At once, all of the build up electricity discharged... right back into its host. Twitching, Uhane slumped to the floor, but she hardly had a chance to even catch her breath before Tate snatched her up again, peppering her with more kisses.

"I saw it!" The trainer exclaimed. "It went up! And... then it went down. That must have hurt. Poor baby. But you did it! Now you just have to practice!"

Practice? Uhane was reeling as Tate set her back down on the floor yet again. A nudge to the rear indicated she was expected to go off and try again. And again. And presumably again. She waddled off, nerves still a little tingly, muttering curses under her breath that resonated as little more than gentle cooing in the ears of her master. It was pretty cute.

"Guess who's next?" Tate sung, ejecting the spent disc from the PokéGear, and reaching for the envelope tucked into the front of Kauka's skull.
Used TM Thunderbolt on Uhane the Rowlet! Uhane learned Thunderbolt!
To be continued.


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