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"So, wat's dis forest even called, anyways?" Meowth asked.

Keith shrugged (nearly jostling Meowth off his shoulder in the process). "No idea," he responded. "But when has that ever stopped me before?"

"Precisely never," Meowth said dryly. "In fact, knowin' dat da forest's called sometin' dat clearly says ta stay da hell away ain't never stopped youse, either."

"Hey, if we never went into Cadaver Forest, I never would've caught Fatale," Keith objected.

"Da downside ta dat bein...?" Meowth responded.

"Oh, lighten up," Keith shook his head. "We- whoa," he added, stopping in his tracks. "Meowth, check this out."

"Check wat out- whoa," Meowth replied, upon spotting what Keith had been talking about- an ancient temple in the middle of this forest, and they had just stumbled upon it. The grey structure stood out in contrast to its decidedly green surroundings, and the flowers all around were a nice touch as well. Keith then noticed a sign near the moat, though it proved most unhelpful, considering whatever language it was written in, Keith couldn't read it. "Can youse read wat dat says?" Meowth asked.

"Nope," Keith shook his head. "Which sucks, because I get the feeling it's important. Do you think... someone might live here? Maybe someone turned this temple into a Secret Base?"

"Hey, if dat Alex guy could turn dat Sundered Blade into a huge Secret Base, anyting's possible, I guess," Meowth shrugged. "So... wat do we do?"

"We satisfy our curiosity, Meowth," Keith stated. He stepped up to the entrance and knocked, wondering who, if anyone, would answer.

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