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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Radiant Rainforest - Nestled in between the southern and eastern docks is a lush jungle, filled with tall trees, fanning ferns, verdant vines and rambling routes between them. Grass and Bug Pokémon live in harmony in the canopy and brush alike. The climate is a bit humid but never too hot, and a constant rain falls over the forest, but the sun will shine through, casting rainbows over the foliage at nearly every moment! Please use mediumspringgreen.
"You're tired already?! We've barely even started! C'mon Presea, I thought at least you might be able to keep up the pace, but you're just slowing down my game instead. You sure you didn't pick up a lagging tail somewhere along the way?" The Sceptile's mocking words only served to annoy the young Axew further, who threw back disdainful glares in between her heavy breathing. They had been at this for what seemed like hours already, and what initially seemed like a nice stroll through the woods turned eventually into sheer torture for her as she continued to trudge through the heat and humidity, the ups and downs through muddy soil and the constant stumbling over concealed and inconveniently placed tree roots. It's always so interesting how the right (or wrong) context can completely alter one's perception, and Sothe's unceasing verbal jabs did not help one bit. It's not like he would understand. He was practically at home here, and could very likely have scouted the entirety of the forest already if he wanted to, effortlessly flying from treetop to treetop as he did. Instead, he stuck close like a blood-sucking pest. As if he had nothing better to do.

"Still giving me the silent treatment, eh? You've been like this since day one, no matter what I say. It's ok princess, you don't need to utter a single word. I got this! I know exactly what you want, so Uncle Sothe is gonna stay nice and close the whole way, just to make sure you get the job done. Aren't I the coolest and most considerate supervisor ever? Now then, you waiting for nightfall or what? Breaktime is over, let's go!"

Presea remained silent. She wished him dead.


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