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TheKnightsFury: The small trio of Pokemon, lead by Scyther made their way through the Craggy Crater. Strange and twisted statues of iron line every corner, almost appearing as though the trio was on their way through some sort of twisted art gallery of sorts. The team was perfectly rounded, they had a leader, a quick and nimble creature, and someone who was able to clear any and all obstacles they came across. Although they started in a group, the Scyther, in his wisdom, had decided to break them all into specific groups in order to cover as much of the area as possible and ensure that they received a just reward. He took to the air, while his quick and nimble Senret companion darted through all the odd and twisted formations around her. The Mudbray simply trotted ahead, not a care in the world as she kept a steady pace going.

The Senret was the first to find something of value, but it wasn't exactly the treasure they were searching for. Rather, it was a large steel clad Pokemon that was laying on it's side. The Senret recognised it rather quickly as being that of an Lairon, but something didn't exactly seem right about the poor creature. It was moaning as if in pain, curled up in a ball near some iron deposits.

"Oough..." It moaned, opening it's eyes as it heard something approach it. "Oh... hey there lassie." He glanced at the small Senret that had approached it. He gave a weak smile and what sounded like a burp of sorts. "Oh man... I ate way too much..." He looked like he was about to be sick, it was kind of pitiful to see. He groaned again, you couldn't be sure if it was just hamming it up for the attention or if he was actually in pain.

"Hey kid, are you busy? Would you mind getting me some limestone for this heartburn? I'll give you a reward if you were willing to help me."

The creature did look like he was in a lot of pain... perhaps it would be wise to help him?
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