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Originally Posted by Gemini Spark View Post
Marion Ette: 18 candies
With her trademark wide grin practically smeared across her face, Ffion marches boldly into the Candy Shop with a little pink friend following close behind, smelling almost exactly of sour apple candy. The little Spritzee's nature made him rather ambivalent towards sweets in general, though dreams of puckering his beak around a particularly tart treat danced around his head so strongly that he himself began to reek of his desires. Ffion laughs a bit and gives the creature a gentle bop on the beak - a subtle chastisement for drowning out the natural sweet smells of the shop. The Spritzee doesn't seem to take the hint, his eyes fixed on advertisements for Warhead candies. Mmmmmm, Warheads~ One could almost see the little packages of individually-wrapped hard candies dancing in the Pokemon's big, black eyes. Surely, if he ate the sourest, most mouth-twisting, pucker-inducing candy he could find, he would show his new trainer how tough he really was - and would get to enjoy a good treat, besides!

The small, frizzy-haired trainer places 2 candies down on the table for Deposit:

[1x] Department Store
[1x] Department Store

and claims a third, given it was a Monday.

"That makes 21,"

Ffion remarks. "Looks like my balance from Unova carried over," she says with a relieved laugh. "Now, I think ol' Bogie wants himself some sour apple - Wait, Bogie?"

Ffion turns around, looking for the pink fairy type... Wasn't he just admiring the lemon puckers? No, the sour apple smell was weaker than it was before... If she followed her nose, surely she could find where he wandered off to. Fortunately for Ffion, the tactic works.

Unfortunately for Ffion, she finds him in what appears to be some kind of vault for special candies - the smell of sour apple transitions to... sweat? Protein? Testosterone? It was like an awful gym smell, but with hints of chocolate and shame. Sure enough, sitting in a pile of rare candy wrappers, with a bloated belly and an expression rife with indigestion, there sat Bogie in the wake of his poor decision-making. While the Shop Owner is already shaking his head and chastising the trainer for paying such poor attention to her Pokemon, and issuing the rather irritated demand that she pay for the lost candies from her own balance, Ffion seems stuck taking the situation in - first to make sure that her perceptions were not faulty - and second to try and cope with whatever motivation could cause this. Upon seeing his trainer's inquisitive expression, the overinflated fairy attempts to flex his little wings - even despite the rare candy binge, it's a rather pathetic sight. Ffion shakes her head.

"Still think you're gonna be a tough guy, huh?" Placing a hand on her hip, she gives him the once-over. "...C'mon, let's get you back home and find you some antacid or something. Not sure if Pokemon can have that..."

Picking up her little tough guy and placing him on his shoulder, she appeases the shopkeep with the balance of candies consumed by her Pokemon, and quietly leaves the store, leaving a trail of odd, conflicting scents behind.

Withdrawing 19x candies on Bogie the Spritzee, to raise his level from 5 to 24.

JUNE 05 EDIT: Claiming 1x Monday candy.
JUNE 12 EDIT: Claiming 1x Monday candy.
JUNE 13 EDIT: Depositing 2x rare candies from trade with Naru.
JUNE 19 EDIT: Claiming 1x Monday candy.

Remaining Balance: 7 candies

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