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Slurpuff The Fizzy Candy Store

The Fizzy Candy Store

Looking for that creamy, citrus-flavored, or chocolate confection to sate your sweet tooth? Look no further than our special Fizzy Candies, the likes of which melt and bubble in your Pokemon's mouth to their delight and are exclusive to this very store! (Though be careful about the chocolates: they may or may not be laced with Seviper venom.) Want some sticky Gummis with 18 different flavors that make your Pokemon smarter than you? Look no further than down below! This is your one-stop shop for all things sweet and sugary, and we haven't even gotten to the best part: it's all FREE!!

(Disclaimer: due to limited supply, we can only give one candy to each trainer per week, and we are not responsible for any poisoning that may occur due to consumption of any candies containing chocolate in them. If you do see signs of poisoning in your Pokemon, we highly recommend using an Antidote or seeing your nearest Pokemon Center for service. If you see any Pokemon lying on the floor and suspect it to be dead, report it to one of our employees as soon as possible, and a Seviper will arrive at the scene for proper disposal. We ask that you do not interfere with our Seviper during this disposal process; they are professionally trained for this purpose, and it requires their complete focus to ensure everyone's safety during this time. These Seviper have been authorized to attack at the sign of any blatant interference, the definition of which is left to their own opinion. We are not responsible for any lost limbs, bleeding, poisoning, or death as a result of any attacks from any Seviper owned by our store.)


Rare Candies:
1. This shop is an OPTIONAL service to post any candy gains/usage and keep track of your candy balance; you are not restricted to this thread as far as candy transactions are concerned. However, if you choose to use this store, please record ALL transactions here so we can confirm your balances are accurate.
2. Please only make one post to record your candy transactions.
3. Each week from Monday through Friday, you may collect one free Rare Candy from the store. You can do this by EITHER making a new post OR editing your current transaction post with the pickup of your candy.
4. If you are making a new post to collect a candy and then editing your transaction post with the collection of that candy, please include a link to the post in question. If you are simply editing your transaction post to pickup your candy, please include the date you obtained it next to the pickup. Either way, you must state that the candy being deposited is from the weekly pickup.
5. Each Rare Candy is worth one level for any one Pokemon. Please include the Pokemon's original level when using your candies on that Pokemon. If you use Rare Candies to level up your Pokemon in a post outside this shop, please record the withdrawal with a link to that post.
6. If you are using or gaining candies in a different thread (such as the Global Trade Station), please record these transactions as well, including links to these posts.

Gummis and Bond

The road to becoming a Pokemon Master is tough. Sometimes there are hardships and obstacles along the way that try to knock you and your Pokemon down and send you home. However, you may find that through persevering and overcoming these challenges, you and your Pokemon come out stronger and closer than before. Maybe your Pokemon has previously closed off its heart and taken on a Shadow-like form and you would like to rehabilitate it. Maybe your Pokemon is only capable of evolving and growing stronger if you form a strong connection with them by raising their happiness. All of these things can be tracked here in the Fizzy Candy Store by using a metric known as Bond.

The Fizzy Candy Store has been known to produce a specific kind of treat that all kinds of Pokemon find irresistible. These treats are known as Gummis and when fed to Pokemon, they are filled with joy. Feeding your Pokemon Gummis is a surefire way to speed up the process of winning their hearts over. With a variety of flavors, certain Gummis will supply increased levels of potency towards raising your Pokemon’s Bond level.

1. When raising your Pokemon’s Bond level, please use the charts below for calculating conversion rates or Gummi increases.
2. Please only make one post to record your Bond transactions per each time the shop is updated and confirmed.
3. If you are using Gummis obtained outside of this shop, please link to where said Gummi was originally obtained. The older Type-Based Gummis are now all treated the same as a Yummi Gummi.
4. Pokemon increase Bond by +1 for every post they are used in a zone. Please link your replies when logging Bond increments in this thread. You may backlog your zone posts as early as April 18th, 2017.
5. Any Pokemon can gain Bond, including Shadow Pokemon!
6. IQ, Tameness, and Purification stats are officially outdated. Please state your Pokemons’ previous values if applicable when using the chart below to convert them into Bond points.

Gaining Bond:
+1 per Yummi Gummi (Older Type-Based Gummis fall under this category)
+2 per Birthday Gummi
+5 per Mysterious Gummi (Gummis can also be called any number of different confectionary items for the same effects)
+1 per post in an Adventure
+2 per post in an Adventure for Pokemon stored inside of a Friend Ball or Agate Ball
+10 for Pokemon stored inside of a Luxury Ball

1 Happiness point = 3 Bond Points
1 IQ point = 1 Bond Point
1 Purification Point = 1 Bond Point
Pokemon with 50 or more IQ are considered to have max Bond.

0: Your Pokemon is neutral toward you. Frustration is at its maximum power.

10: Your Pokemon can utilize the Move Relearner.

20: Your Pokemon can utilize any TM - even those outside its species limitations. All previous bonuses above 0 apply.

30: Happiness evolutions can occur at this stage. The Pokemon can learn custom move Gummi Bomb OR an EM/MT move of choice. All previous bonuses above 0 apply.

40: The Pokemon can learn custom move Gummi Terrain OR an Advanced/Shadow move of choice.* Advanced moves can now be learned by this Pokemon at the MT. All previous bonuses above 0 apply.

50: MAXIMUM. Daycare levels earned for this Pokemon are doubled. This Pokemon will earn a special aura for being max Bond. Pokemon at both max level and max Bond learn custom move Defensive Shield OR one Advanced/Shadow move* & one EM/MT move. Return is at maximum power. All previous bonuses above 0 apply.

* Advanced Moves include Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Draco Meteor, and Volt Tackle. Advanced Moves learned by Bond gain can be unnatural.

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