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Alright, everyone! Welcome to Incognito Isle! I'm going to break the seal by picking up Missingno. Master and AshsBabyLapras, and hopefully people will follow my lead!

★ Starlight Summit ★

Missingno. Master

The somewhat unlikely trio begins their hike up the mountain, destination set for the Starlight Summit. Cotton, brimming with enthusiasm, takes up the lead, at the begrudging allowance of Chromium. Tinnitus the Tympole, as of now legless, flops behind in the rear, managing to keep up with his companions, albiet with great effort. The path to the summit is a little rough but not terribly hard to traverse, and the grade is surprisingly shallow despite the height of the mountain. Being a little later in the day, the sun is shining over the mountain from the west, casting a long shadow across the mountain. The beautiful stars that are quite famous will not be out for a little bit longer, so the group has a little bit of time to kill before there are any sights to see at their destination. Despite the slow going, the walk is quite pleasant, with a cool, salty breeze blowing off the ocean. The path seems relatively clear, the destination set, but...

Ater a short time, the breeze is accompanied by another sound, which sounds rather like crying. As the group continues to ascend, they see a little pink and purple shape form in the distance. As the team draws near, the figure becomes clearer - it seems a little Mime Jr. has sat upon a rock, and is crying! Mime Jr. notices you after a few moments, and though he stops crying, perhaps partly out of embarrassment, but the sniffling doesn't stop. He looks at you and asks with a sob, "Oh, oh, an adventure group! Please help me! I lost my precious ball and I can't find it anywhere! Will you help me find it? I can give you a reward for helping!"

The little Mime seems absolutely desperate to find his cherished ball - will you help him?

♨ Bubbling Beach ♨


Skepticism and enthusiasm are the prevailing emotions among your ragtag team as the three Pokémon step foot onto the sandy beach. There are numerous Pokémon having fun in the sun or simply just relaxing - a Torkoal is splayed out on the sand, enjoying the rays, a Popplio is putting on a bubble show for a gaggle of Azurill, a flock of Wingull are dodging in and out of the waves, and a Magby and Slugma are enjoying a dip in the nearby magma pool. The Seel you saw earlier continue their playful game, batting around a ball between the two of them. It looks like quite a bit of fun!

Suddenly, however, the playful atmosphere seems to fizzle out. The Torkoal ambles away, the Popplio suddenly stops her show, scattering with the Azurill to the ocean, the Wingull fly further out to sea, and the Slugma and Magby pop beneath the surface. It doesn't take long to find the source of the interruption - a group of three Pokémon appear, sauntering down the beach. The pack is lead by a Houndour, who steps with quite a bit of swagger, followed closely by a mean-looking Corphish, who gnashes his claws menacingly. A timid little Panpour brings up the rear, but she doesn't look like she is trying quite as hard as her companions to be threatening...

The Seel have yet to notice the incoming party, realizing their mistake too late. They're taken by surprise as Corphish grabs their ball from them, mid-throw, holding it aloft in his claws. The Seel begin to panic as he squeezes it tight, looking like he's about to pop it. Before it bursts, Panpour, somewhat reluctantly, spits a Water Gun, which propels the ball past the dunes and into the hot springs. Corphish and Houndour let out sharp cackles at their mean prank, while Panpour doesn't look all too happy to be participating. The three of them continue on down the beach, looking for more trouble to stir.

The Seel both look rather distressed, chatting amongst themselves for a moment. One of them sends a glance back at Dreamer, perched on a high rock, and after what looks like a little bit of a debate, one of the Seel approaches Dreamer a little timidly, the second one coming right behind.

"Uh, um, are you an adventure team by any chance? W-would you be able to help us get our ball back? It's hard for us to go in the hot springs with our thick coats - we're much more suited to cold water, but we like to play on the beach here sometimes..."

The other Seel, clearly a little bolder, follows with, "Oh and, maybe you can help with the beach bully problem?"

It seems there is a bit of an issue with bullying on the beach - and these poor Seel have lost their favorite toy - how will the team act?

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