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Bubbling Beach - On the coast between the southern and western dock is a sunny beach with pristine white sands and crashing waves - ideal for a summery vacation! But, this beach has more than just sun and fun; it's the ideal relaxation spot. Just beyond the dunes are a number of volcanic hot springs that overlook the sparkling seas. Despite their rather opposed nature, both Water and Fire Pokémon gather here to take full advantage of the mineral-rich (and slightly salty) springs. Some hotter Pokémon even enjoy the pools of bubbling magma interspersed with the watery ones! Please use deepskyblue.

Tate had been on the verge of tears when they had dismebarked the ship, and Niho and Makakae had hardly been able to free themselves from the overprotective clutches of their trainer. Young and inexperienced, the Totodile and Dunsparce stuck close to their older, and marginally wiser Houndour companion as Pouli led them across the soft sand of the beach.

"What do we do first?" Makakae asked, softly, with a voice like a glass bell. The sun was bright, and she hated it; when Pouli stopped in her tracks to think, she took the opportunity to burrow backwards into the warm sand with her tail, hiding all but her face beneath the shifting surface. The glare was still unpleasant, but at least it no longer scorched so much of her delicate skin. Pouli huffed, thoughtfully.

"'Uala says we have a whole day here," said the Houndour finally, with an uncertain inflection. Before she could continue with any specific train of thought, Niho interjected, excitedly.

"Let's go swimming!" She enthused, flailing her arms with great excitement, pointing towards the pools of water and lava. Lava?! She recoiled slightly, but Pouli's stubby tail began wagging.

"I think... I'll stay here," Makakae sighed, softly, descending further into the sand. Completely buried now, her voice was muffled under the granules. "...I can't swim."

Pitying their friend, Niho picked up a piece of driftwood and planted it upright in the sand over Makakae's head, to mark where she lie so that they wouldn't lose her. "We'll come back to check on you!" The young Totodile promised, as she and Pouli trotted off towards the hot springs.


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